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Mold making, Injection molding, Rapid prototype, CNC machining services, etc.

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More than ten years of experience in manufacturing plastic and metal parts to satisfy our customers and make progress for ourselves.

Firstmold never stops exploring the path of plastic parts and metal parts. Cases are the proof of strength of a good company.

Customize Plastic And Metal Parts Production Services

One-stop service is a special feature of Firstmold. Because we have a complete range of equipment and processes, you do not have to go through the trouble of interfacing with several companies for different steps.

Injection Molding Services

Firstmold offers one-stop-shop injection molding services that comprise design support, mold making, injection molding, mass production and surface finishes.

Mold Making Services

Firstmold makes molds by means of CNC cutting and EDM machines. Before that, our professional technicians will provide you with free design and material advice.

CNC Machining Services

Our custom CNC capabilities are achieved through CNC milling, 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machining, CNC turning, Wire EDM, and precision machining.

Rapid Prototyping Services

Firstmold is not only fast but also precise in the process of prototypes. More than that, we focus on the rationality of your product design and material selection.

Firstmold At Glance

Building Firstmold landscape from long-term visions gathering talents without restricted patterns

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Who We Are

The cradle of talent for processing manufacturing

Firstmold is a national high-tech digital manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales. We’re mainly engaged in the production and manufacture of precision plastic parts, precision metal parts and ODM products through precision molds, injection molding, rapid prototype, CNC machining techniques. Our manufactured products are used in a wide range of applications, mainly in automotive parts, aerospace parts, medical devices, consumer electronics, etc.

Served Countries
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FirstMold has established a strong presence in over 30 developed countries, including the United States, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Technical Personnel
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Our strength encompasses a range of specialized departments, from engineering to design, and quality control to project management.

Professional Equipments
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Our select machinery from global leaders enhances our manufacturing capabilities, setting new standards for precision and excellence.

Years Experience
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Their dedication ensures that FirstMold remains at the forefront of manufacturing innovation, consistently delivering quality and reliability to our clients.

FirstMold's factory in Mexico

Why Choose us

We believe you will choose us a second time

Only companies that have been in the market for a long time and know what their customers think are your best choices.


More than ten years of industry experience, mature quotation system and technical support


High-precision production equipment, high-quality production staff, and guaranteed delivery time.


Engineers review drawings to eliminate problems, and advanced testing equipment to ensure quality


Diversified custom processing to save time and effort. Pre-sales and post-sales actively respond to customer needs.

Why Choose Us for components manufacturing

Well-structured organizational framework and sophisticated processing equipment

Mold department, injection department, CNC processing department, quality control department, logistics department, PMC, purchasing department, sales department, marketing department

Injection Molding Workshop

FirstMold injection molding workshop in China

Mold Fabrication Workshop

Mold Fabrication Workshop

Mold Machining Workshop

FirstMold Mold Machining Workshop in China

CNC Machining Workshop

FirstMold CNC Machining Workshop in China

Quality Inspection Department

FirstMold Quality Inspection Department in China


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