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About Firstmold

We Provide The Best Service for the Modern Industry

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Who We Are

The Digital Manufacturing Solution for Your Industries

First Mold is the sub-brand of Zhongshan Liyuan Precision Mold Industrial Limited, who is a high-tech enterprise with integrated business, including R&D, design service, manufacturing and sales. First Mold is mainly targeting injection molding process in automotive industry. We mainly engage in the manufacturing of high precision tooling, injection molding, die casting, metals & plastics prototyping and custom-made parts. We have explored our business to various industries, mainly including mobile phone parts, automotive parts, aerospace parts, medical equipment parts and other fields, with worldwide sales network, including United States, Canada, France, Britain, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and many other countries and regions. 


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Our Vision And Concept

We Are Trusted Over 30+ Countries Worldwide

Bearing in mind of Value “Building First Mold Landscape from Long-term Visions, Gathering Talents without Restricted Patterns”, we strive to create a favorable employment environment that can attract, unite, motivate, train and cultivate people. We devote to strengthening team building and talent development.

Carrying the basic Concept “Set Rules. Cultivate Virtues. Establish Benchmarks”, we commit to build standardized managements internally and estimate industry benchmarks externally, which follows Virtues all through.

We work together to create a platform and a place for people to fully show their talents, and continuously consolidate our company’s foundation, to promote mutual development and wins between the company and employees.

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Our Sales Network

Firstmold has a global sales network, covering over 30 countries and regions including the US, Canada, the UK, and France, etc. We have strong partnerships with logistics companies and are trusted for our excellent after-sales service. We are committed to providing global customers with the best possible experience

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