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Medical Industry Manufacturing

medical parts made by cnc milling

Safety, Precision and Quality First

Through specialized offerings like Plastic Injection Molding all geared for the medical industry, Firstmold is able to deliver precise, on-demand rapid prototyping and production services that qualify for use in the unique space of the medical industry. By putting safety, precision and quality first, we have collaborated with an array of clients to make life-saving, ergonomic solutions tailored to meet the broad needs of the industry, as well as custom low-volume operations tailored to play a big part in increasing the chances of surgery and quality of life of every patient.

Over the years, Firstmold has worked with startups and big-name players to explore innovation and intuitive digital manufacturing solutions that have shaped the supply chain agility and response in the medical industry. From fitness trackers, to health monitors, wearables, prosthetics and more, our medical manufacturing services are the ideal for flexibly building prototypes and ramping up production at convenience. Ready to work with us? Click here to contact us and see how we can help you produce your medical component.

Improving Quality of Life through Intuitive Inventions

medical insert molded part
medical part with thin wall thickness
Medical latch made by Firstmold

Creating Flawless parts with Increased Speed and Accuracy

Exploit the power of 3D printing and CNC machine services to create parts that are near impossible to make with conventional techniques. With SLA, SLS and SLM, we can create prototypes and use parts from plastic and metal that have spectacularly complex geometries. Our CNC machine options are adept at making specific tools tailored to patient-specific or surgical needs with tight tolerances and intricate geometries. Finally, our digital manufacturing services help us to deliver efficiency and speed to meet the critical needs of the fast-moving medical industry.


Top Medical Manufacturing Applications

Handheld devices


Medical carts

Prosthetic parts

Anatomical models

Ultrasonic equipment

MRI devices

Teaching/Learning aids

X-ray equipment

Clinical analytical instruments


Drug delivery devices

Bone substitute and orthopedic components

PPE and Testing kits

Monitor components

Surgical-grade steel instruments

Clear/translucent medical apparatuses

Dental implants

medical sector injection molding solution
Injection Molding Machines For Medical Industry
Injection Molding

Our Medical Manufacturing Solutions

Injection molding allows for cost-efficient production of functional end-use plastic prototypes to suit the needs of the medical industry. Injection-molded parts have high repeatability and consistency, and can be finished in an extensive number of ways to give your parts a clean, refreshing look. We have a range of functional plastic materials to choose from, and also offer Cleanroom injection molding for medical equipment and surgical-grade apparatuses.


Medical-grade Material Options

Material Typical Applications
Ideal and bio-compatible for skeletal and internal joint orthopedic applications, Titanium has great strength-to-weight ratio and is corrosion-resistant. It can also be 3D printed or machined to meet tight tolerances
Stainless Steel & Inconel
Medical grade stainless steel is easy to sterilize, heat resistant and excellent for making precision surgical instruments. These materials are also corrosion resistant and can be used as implants for bone replacement.
Nylon & ABS
Nylon and ABS are ideal for making medical appliances and other medical instruments. They are 3D-printable and are excellent for rapid prototyping or on-demand use parts.
Quadratic Element Vision Measure(Auto)
Silicone and TPE
Silicone and TPE are ideal for custom parts that will have high interaction against the surface of the skin. These materials are excellent for handhelds and wearables and have chemical resistance.
POM, PEI and PEEK are engineering-grade plastics that have high strength and durability. They can be used in orthopedic applications for support around joints. These materials are sterilizable with high fatigue and creep resistance.
medical acrylic material
medical masterbatch
medical pa66 material

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