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Premier aerospace parts fabrication: custom metal & plastic machining and manufacturing

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Iterative Solutions For Aircrafts And Other Flight Vessels

Experiences in Aerospace:

Firstmold offers custom, on-demand parts processing and production services that are capable of delivering the unique requirements of the aerospace industry. Our value proposition lies in our quick leadtimes, strict material evaluation and stringent quality control embedded into different phases of production. This has helped us deliver exemplary products for all our clients in aerospace for over 10 years!

aerospace metal part
aerospcae part made by CNC mill

FirstMold employs a variety of manufacturing processes for aerospace industry parts, the most common of which include injection molding (requiring molds), CNC machining, 3D printing, die casting, and vacuum casting.

Based on the classification of aerospace industry parts we have manufactured, they primarily fall into the categories of aerospace structural components, propulsion and movement parts, interior parts, and electronics and control systems. Most of these include metal & plastic structural functional components and plastic casings.

Notes: Due to the confidentiality agreements signed with our clients on most projects, we are only able to select and display the appearances of a few products from the aerospace industry after obtaining consent through communication with our clients.

Aerospace Structural Components

aerospace structural components drawing
airplane structural components02

Airplane structural components

Process: CNC Machining
Mass Production
airplane structural components01

Airplane structural components

Process: CNC Machining
Mass Production

Aerospace Interior Parts

aviaton interior parts drawing
Airplane seat back screen frame02

Airplane seat back screen frame

Process: Injection Molding
Mold Type:
Production Tooling
Aircraft seat back screen frame

Airplane seat back screen frame

Process: Injection Molding
Mold Type:
Production Tooling

Electronics and Control Systems

remote control drawing
Injection molding shell for drone remote control

Drone remote control shell

Process: Injection Molding
Mold Type:
Rapid Tooling
Injection molding shell for remote control of toy flying machine

Toy flying machine control shell

Process: Injection Molding
Mold Type:
Production Tooling
Manufacturing Solutions

Aerospace Manufactuing Solutions For Recommended

aerospace components rapid prototyping solution

Aerospace Rapid Prototyping Services

Suitable for aerospace companies and startups seeking to innovate rapidly, test extensively, and optimize designs before committing to large-scale production.

aerospace components injection molding solution

Aerospace Injection Molding Services

Suitable for customers seeking high-volume production of complex, durable parts with precise tolerances and specific material properties.

aerospace components contract manufacturing solution

Aerospace Contract Manufacturing Services

Ideal for companies seeking to optimize costs and focus on core competencies like design and innovation without the burden of maintaining their own production facilities.

Trusted by various famous aerospace brands over the world

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Our Advantages In Aerospace Parts Production

aerospace products quality assurance

Safety and Quality

Because we understand the enormous financial and safety risks embedded into aerospace technologies, we implement a rigorous and stringent quality control system in our aerospace manufacturing.

aerospace short leadertime

Shorter Leadtimes

Got tight deadlines? Looking to beat the competition? Our in-house capacity and network of vetted manufacturing suppliers is all you need to get your part into production in no-time.

aerospace part dfm analysis

DFM Analysis

We offer hands-on design-for-manufacturing analysis, helping our clients explore potential causes of failures, design inconsistencies, avenues for cost efficiency, improved safety and performance optimization to ensure we only manufacture the best of parts.

aerospace improved outcome

Improved Outcomes

Leverage the years of experience and competence within our team to make better parts with improved outcomes that exceed expectations.

aerospace surface finish

Finishing Options

Choose from a variety of highly cosmetic and functional finishes to augment the look, feel and performance of your high-end parts.

Materials For the Aviation Components

plastic pellets for the aviation industry workpieces

“The materials used in aerospace parts are very diverse, most of which can be utilized by FirstMold for the manufacturing of aerospace components. Some plastic materials, in addition to being produced through injection molding, can also be used for Rapid Prototypes through milling.

For every aerospace part production project, we provide clients with material-related documents to prove that we use genuine and high-quality materials. If clients have preferred suppliers, they often provide these suppliers’ information so that we can purchase the precise materials needed for manufacturing aerospace parts.

aviation workpieces made by steel materials


Overhead bins, tray tables, armrests; Control knobs and switches for drones.


Interior cabin windows, light covers and lenses, instrument covers


Fasteners and connectors, propellers for drones, protective casings for sensors.


Actuator parts, bobbins and coil forms structural brackets and supports

Anodizing Surface Treatment Process for Aerospace Parts

Surface Treatment For Aerospace Parts Manufacturing

The surface treatment of aerospace parts varies according to the different properties of plastics and metals. In the absence of specific client requirements, we typically employ a high-gloss finish as the default surface treatment method. Common surface treatment techniques used by FirstMold for aerospace components include

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Manufacturing Workshop

Factory Gallery

Through these images, you might gain a deeper understanding of our capability to manufacture aerospace parts.

Workers packing aerospace parts
CNC workshop for aviation industry
worker mill the flying machine parts
injection molding workshop for aviation components
headquarter of FirstMold office
design the aircraft parts
firstmold sales branch in China
CMM machines for aerospace parts inspection
assembly line for the aircraft sector components