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Aircraft Remote Controller Component Production By Insert Molding

Manufacturing Process Mold Making Service & Insert Molding Service
Parts Material PC, PBT
Mold Type Production Tooling
Application Industry Aerospace
Surface Treatment Sandblasting
Tolerance(Accuracy) 0.01mm


We have pre-market confidentiality agreements with all of our customers. All the cases you see have been communicated with our clients. We have mosaiced some sensitive information. All the pictures are taken from FirstMold’s internal shooting, thanks for your support and cooperation~

What is insert molding and why is it particularly suited for aircraft remote controller components?

Insert molding is a process where metal parts, such as pins, bushings, or contacts, are placed in a mold around which plastic is injected. This method is ideal for aircraft remote controllers as it integrates the strength of metal components with the insulating and design flexibility of plastics, producing parts that are lightweight, durable, and complex in design.

What innovation does FirstMold bring to the field of insert molding for aerospace applications?

We continually invest in research and development to improve our insert molding techniques, focusing on enhancing material properties and integrating new technologies such as automated insert placement and real-time monitoring systems. These innovations help us produce lighter, stronger, and more reliable components for the aerospace industry.

What common issues are encountered in insert molding for aerospace components, and how does FirstMold address them?

One common challenge is the misalignment of metal inserts during the molding process, which can affect component functionality. To address this, we utilize precision fixturing and robotic insert placement technologies to ensure accurate positioning. Additionally, our molding machines are equipped with sensors that detect insert misplacement before the molding cycle completes, allowing for corrective actions to be taken immediately.

How does FirstMold handle the precision requirements for aerospace components with complex geometries?

For components with complex geometries, precision is achieved through the use of high-resolution 3D CAD modeling and state-of-the-art tooling techniques. We also utilize multi-axis CNC machines for mold making, which allows for the production of highly intricate and precise mold designs necessary for complex aerospace parts.

Can FirstMold assist in the design for manufacturability (DFM) of aerospace components to ensure optimal production outcomes?

Absolutely. Our engineering team works closely with clients during the early stages of product development to apply design for manufacturability (DFM) principles. This collaboration helps optimize the component design for injection molding, ensuring manufacturability, reducing production costs, and enhancing product performance.

The component has been on the market for 1 year, all mold pictures, design drawings, and production pictures are confidential.

Sorry, customer requirements regarding the Aircraft Remote Controller Component are still confidential.

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If you would like to learn about acceptance criteria or quality standards for injection molding, we recommend you refer to ‘Acceptance Standards For Injection Molded Parts

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