Materials In Parts Production

Application of materials in manufacturing

Different processes will use different materials, here you will get a comprehensive understanding of the materials used by Firstmold in industrial production

Injection Molding

Mold Making


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Injection Molding Materials

We are well versed in the use of plastic modification materials

There are many different types of plastics and most of them can be used as injection molding materials. There are different classifications of plastics according to their performance when subjected to heat, application range, flammability,  hardness, shinkrage, etc.

For different plastic materials, we can quickly determine the causes of injection molding defects and treatment options, which makes our plastic parts solutions incredibly powerful.

Mold Making Materials

We have more than ten years of hands-on experience in steel materials

In most cases, the choice of materials to use for the mold depends on the quantity you require. Whether to make low-volume manufacturing or mass production will affect the choice of your mold, and the materials used for rapid tooling and production tooling are different. There are many kinds of steel, as well as aluminum alloy, the different models will affect the service life of the mold, so before choosing the mold, you should make a certain production planning.

SPI Mold Classification defines the lifespan and quality of the mold, which in a sense determines the choice of material for your mold.

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CNC Materials

We have a complete CNC material supply system

Our catalogue of CNC materials includes a plastic, metal and composite manufacturing options. We work with metals including aluminium, magnesium, steel, titanium, brass and more. In addition to our stock material options, Firstmold can source for desired materials and provide machining with customized raw materials that will match the desired application of your part.

Each material can be subdivided into a number of different types, and the corresponding processed material should be selected according to the requirements of the product or parts.


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