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Tools & Equipment Parts Manufacturing

Manufacture of housings for household tools and industrial equipment

Daily Tools & Equipment parts manufacturing
Tool components being produced by injection molding machines

FirstMold's Mastery in Tools & Equipment Fabrication

Experiences in Tools & Equipment:

Specializing in both household and industrial tools, along with a broad spectrum of equipment housings, we champion the art of creating exceptional products. Our portfolio showcases our versatility and precision across key processes:

What We Can Make For You​

Tools & Equipment Parts Gallery

Household Tools

Items like screwdrivers, pliers, and gardening tools

Industrial Tools

High precision instruments and machinery components

Industry Equipment Housing

Protective casings for machinery and electronics

Innovative Design Housing

Custom housings for new industry equipment

typical equipment made by CNC machining service

Tools and Equipment for Daily Life

Tools components and products drawing
Bike computer mount handleset tools part

Bike computer mount handleset part

Process: Injection Molding
Mold Type:
Production Tooling
Daily Tool Scale Housings

Tool scale housings

Process: Injection Molding
Mold Type:
Production Tooling

Tools and Equipment for Industry

equipment housing drawing
Industrial equipment bases

Industrial equipment bases

Process: CNC Machining
Mass Production
industrial mold inserts tools application

Industrial mold inserts

Process: CNC Machining
Low-volume Production

Trusted by various famous Tools & Equipment brands over the world

Reviews from Tools & Equipment Clients

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"Fresh and innovation in garden tool design represents us in the market and the search for an appropriate manufacturing partner who guarantees bringing our complex designs to life is a challenge. Then came the decisive moment - until we cooperated with FirstMold. Unlike other manufacturers, their specialization in injection molding allowed us to get ergonomic handles for our collection of trowels and spades, and ones that are not only durable – but made, ostensibly, beautiful as well, as well. My working partner, Charles Jyo of FirstMold, not only went the extra mile in providing exceptional services to me, but also the helpful insight she shared were directly of great value to me. This is our favorite part, watching the customers enjoy the product and working to improve it!

Marcus Tan

Chief Engineer

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"I appreciate and look forward to cooperating with FirstMold for the production of precision parts that have been essential for our site construction equipment. The plastic parts were produce by them with injection molding and these parts played a key role in increasing the durability of our power drills. Among the qualities exhibited by FirstMold is the consistency in quality and their reliability to meeting delivery deadlines that have made them a preferred supplier in the production of our product."

Ethan Wright

Project Manager

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"The FirstMold's manufacturing, mostly precision machining technology, is required for the prototyping of highly detailed metal components for our final products. These have to meet the highest manufacturing and reliability standards. Being able to recognize and address the precision needs of the industry and devoting a great deal of efforts to the creation of the devices that meet those requirements completely is such a priceless advantage we benefit from when they are involved into our business."

Amanda Lee

Director of Product Development

Surface Treatment For Tools & Equipment Parts

Metal Solution

Plastic Solution

tools equipment post processing anodizing