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Plastic Injection Molding

Focusing on plastic parts, providing integrated solutions for plastic products

Plastic injection molding is the most basic and core service business of our factory. We have rich experience in the production of automotive lights, car bumpers, interior parts of the car, household appliances, power switches, toys, plastic lunch boxes, caps for daily use cosmetics, medical equipment, office supplies, and other items.
Skilled excellent staff, 10 years of practical experience, imported precision injection molding equipment, scientific management system, quality control system, and one-stop service are the foundation of our injection molding service based on this industry. Cooperation with us can make your products win in the competitive market.

Plastic Parts Gallery


step01: DFM design

DFM Designs

Submit 3D drawings, BOM lists, processing requirements, screen printing files and samples to Firstmold; Our design department will do structural optimization, and after repeatedly confirming with the customer, forward to the processing department for mold production

Mold Fabrication

Firstmold selects the material according to the design drawings, and then finishes the mold fabrication: including CNC processing, EDM processing, wire cutting processing, mold fitting, mold polishing, etc.

Plastic Injection Molding Production

Under the premise of ensuring that the mold is qualified, hand it over to the injection molding workshop for low-volume manufacturing or mass production, and make good production scheduling to ensure on-time delivery.

Final Processing

In this step, we remove the runner and apply surface finishing such as bead blasting, and powder coating to the relevant position of the parts (if required). Finally we sort, pack and deliver on time.

We are proficient in more than 100 plastic materials

Single plastics, mixed materials, modified materials, experts will make a professional match for your product.

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