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Plastic Injection Molding Service

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Structural parts made by plastic injection molding service

Focusing on plastic parts, providing integrated solutions for plastic products

Our focus is on manufacturing high-quality plastic parts using advanced technology and equipment, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible products.

With our extensive experience and in-house capabilities, we are able to provide integrated solutions for plastic products, including design support, mold making, rapid prototyping, injection molding, and product finishing.

Our customer-centric approach means that we are committed to delivering molding services at the most competitive price points without compromising on quality.

Injection Molding Cases

Experience the capabilities of our plastic injection molding service firsthand through our comprehensive case studies.

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Exceptional Quality Control

Rigorous quality assurance processes, from initial design validation to final product inspection, guarantee that every component meets the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Competitive pricing models combined with high operational efficiency ensure clients receive the best value without sacrificing quality or performance.

ISO-Certified Processes

Maintaining ISO-certified processes across all operations, ensuring global standards for quality and management practices.

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Why Choose Our Service

Integrated Solutions

Offering integrated services including mold design, manufacturing, and post-processing under one roof, streamlining the production process and reducing lead times.

Post-Manufacturing Assembly Services

Providing additional services such as assembly, packaging, and testing, offering clients a complete manufacturing solution from a single source.

Dedicated Customer Support Team

Having a dedicated customer support team available to address queries, provide updates, and ensure client satisfaction throughout the manufacturing process.

45,000,000 +

Monthly Parts Production

50 +

Monthly Molds Fabrication

0.005 mm

Mold Tolerance

90-1000 T

Injection Molding Tolerance

Data Item Description Data Item Description
Maximum Part Dimensions:
1600mm x 1400mm x 500mm
Minimum Part Dimensions:
1mm x 1mm x 5mm
Range of Materials Used:
Over 200 types, including modified plastic materials
Injection Mold Lead Time:
The fastest delivery time is one week
Injection Molding Cycle:
20 seconds for ordinary structural parts
Tooling and injection molding department:
More than 130 employees in their respective roles

Visualize Our Plastic Injection Molding Services


plastic molding steps01

01. DFM Designs

Submit 3D drawings, BOM lists, processing requirements, screen printing files and samples to Firstmold; Our design department will do structural optimization, and after repeatedly confirming with the customer, forward to the processing department for mold production

plastic molding steps02

02. Mold Fabrication

Firstmold selects the material according to the design drawings, and then finishes the mold fabrication: including CNC processing, EDM processing, wire cutting processing, mold fitting, mold polishing, etc.

plastic molding steps03

03. Plastic Injection Molding Production

Under the premise of ensuring that the mold is qualified, hand it over to the injection molding workshop for low-volume manufacturing or mass production, and make good production scheduling to ensure on-time delivery.

plastic molding steps04

04. Final Processing

In this step, we remove the runner and apply surface finishing such as bead blasting, and powder coating to the relevant position of the parts (if required). Finally we sort, pack and deliver on time.

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Materials For Plastic Injection Molding Services

FirstMold offers injection molding for all types of plastics, including modified plastics and specialty plastics. We can provide material certifications, or purchase materials from your designated suppliers and provide proof of purchase.

Surface Treatment Description Picture
Silk Printing
This is the most commonly used printing method, which can be used to apply a logo on plastic products.

silk printing finishing for plastic molded part

A coat of paint to enhance appearance and provide color customization

painting finishing for plastic molded part

Laser Engraving
Removes part of the surface layer to create text or images

Laser Engraving finishing for plastic molded part

Deposits a metal coating through an electrochemical process

electroplating finishing for plastic molded part

FAQs For Plastic Injection Molding Services

faqs for plastic injection molding service
What is injection molding for those new to the concept?

If you have no knowledge and experience in molding and interested in the basics of injection molding, look no further as we will give you the answers. The injection molding is definitely a versatile and widely used manufacturing process, as it is perfect for producing parts needed in large quantities. To find out how it works, about its benefits, and on its applications of it in detail, we invite you to find out our well explained guide. This link will direct you to further information on injection molding: WHAT IS INJECTION MOLDING?

What is the difference between injection molding service and plastic injection molding service offered by FirstMold?

The core difference between our injection molding and plastic injection molding service, however, lies in the scope of materials involved and the processes utilized. The scope of our injection molding service covers the special category of plastic injection molding, along with other varieties of injection molding. In other words, although FirstMold’s injection molding services comprise of a variety of materials and methods (like LSR molding of silicones, etc), plastic injection molding services of FirstMold focus on manufacturing parts explicitly from plastics. This classification allows us to develop wide range of solutions to various project demands that we may specialize in the area of injection molding.

What is the criteria that I need to consider, if injection molding services are appropriate for my business?

You need to decide whether injection mold services is a good fit for your business basing on the complexity of the parts you need and the volume too. FirstMold’s injection molding services can be used to produce parts with the required large volume and accurately specified quality and precision. If your project includes complex geometries, high tolerances, and material options from plastic to silicone, we provide value engineering and innovative services. 

Can we rely on FirstMold to handle large-scale injection molding jobs?

Yes, FirstMold is a team of experts at undertaking and completing operational high-volume injection molding projects with ease and precision. With the latest machinery that we posses on our premises, we are capable of producing high volumes without reducing quality. We can handle the requirements of tens of thousands parts to millions, thanks to the capabilities and capacity of our team, making sure you receive the delivered goods on time and the quality of the products.

How does FirstMold ensure the quality of injection molded parts?

The assurance of quality is fundamental in our injection molding services. FirstMold uses a strict quality control process that includes design review, material inspection, in-process monitoring and final inspection to make sure each component is up to the standards stated and your specific requirements. Our ISO-certified processes and skilled quality control team assisted by the most advanced measurement and testing devices produce the defect-free parts that meet your requirements .

How does FirstMold handle complex injection molding designs?

Although FirstMold can fully implement the intricate designs of injection molding with its well equipped CAD/CAM, qualified engineers, and upgraded machine tools, the company’s lead in this characteristic is its advanced technique in CAD/CAM and the experienced personnel. We carry on design consultation services to improve manufacturability of your product, so that even the most complex designs would be made with fantastic precision and efficiency.

What is the lead time for your injection molding services?

The lead time for our injection molding service might vary for more complex projects with a higher volume of parts. Usually most of the projects fall into the range from a few weeks to several months. We give priority to project management and communication for smooth and timely execution of the project. For a better estimate customized to your own personal project, contact our team for more information regarding your specific project.

What do you do if the design flows or quantity requirement alters after the project is launched?

For we know projects may undergo possible changes in requirements. FirstMold is flexible and works the best by aligning with the clients to consider the changes in design or quantity and to minimize the delay and costs. It is important to talk, and we encourage clients to have the discussion as soon as possible regarding changes.

Will FirstMold have material certification and quality reports for injection mold parts?

Indeed, we can carry out material certifications and give quality reports comprehensive as needed for your injection molded parts on demand. These documents are intended to confirm the material specifications and prove the compliance of the product against your quality specifications.

What are the ways in which my project is kept confidential by FirstMold?

The confidentiality of FirstMold is beyond any doubt. We guarantee that all our customers sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with us, which will legally protect the confidentiality of the details of your project. We have also developed our internal protocols which are designed to protect the security of your information during the production process.

Does the FirstMold offer the assembly and packing services for the injection molded parts?

 Yes, FirstMold provides an all inclusive assembly and packaging service which considers client’s needs and offers an entirely finished product. We provide an array of services, encompassing assembly of multi- parts and different packaging options, that make your components fit for distribution and direct sale.

How does FirstMold support small businesses or startups with their injection molding services needs?

Firstmold’s objective is to provide small businesses and startups with the easy access to the needed materials by offering flexible order quantities, competitive prices, and personalized service. We deliver expertise through designing and production processes so parties without injection molding experience can bring their products in the market.

What is the winning edge that sets FirstMold apart from the rapidly changing injection molding industry?

The fast pace of injection molding technology, constant staff training and adoption of new manufacturing methods helps FirstMold to remain in the lead of injection molding business. We constantly explore and investigate new materials and methods to cater to the demand for the latest technology by our clients.

How can I track the progress of my injection molding project?

Clients of FirstMold are granted updates as frequent as they would need and they also have access to a project manager who can provide answers to their questions and progress reports. We value transparency in communication, which all the while maintains you as an informed and satisfied customer.