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One-stop-shop molding solutions for tight-tolerance parts

We specialize in providing one-stop-shop injection molding services, from design support and mold making to rapid prototyping, injection molding, and product finishing. With our fast lead times and focus on customer satisfaction, we’ll help keep your project on schedule and within budget. Whether you need plastic injection molding, two-shot injection molding, insert molding, overmolding, family molding, or any other form of injection molding, our team has the experience and expertise to deliver high-quality parts at competitive prices.

Main Injection Molding Processes In Firstmold

Meet all kinds of your plastic parts needs


Plastic products are used in a wide range of applications in the automotive, aerospace, retail, consumer, medical, electronics, and robotics industries, and Firstmold injection molding services are primarily used in the following industries

Make custom precision parts with reduced weight and exquisite design from various components.

Optimize efficiency, reduce weight and mitigate flight risks with our injection molding service.

Surgical-grade parts, wearables, and bio-compatible components that meet FDA requirements.

Create an exquisite design that is affordable and scalable to cater to the ever-changing life trends.

6 Reasons To Choose Firstmold In Injection Molding Services

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  • Firstmold has been providing injection molding services for over 20 years, which means we have a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw on when it comes to designing, prototyping, and manufacturing plastic parts.
  • Our team of engineers and technicians has worked with a wide range of industries and applications, from automotive and aerospace to consumer products and medical devices.
  • We are constantly learning and improving our processes, and we have a track record of solving complex manufacturing challenges.
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  • Firstmold invests in the latest technology and equipment for injection molding, such as high-speed, high-precision machines and robotic automation.
  • Our equipment is well-maintained and regularly calibrated to ensure consistent and accurate results.
  • We have a variety of machines with different tonnage and shot sizes, which allows us to handle both small and large-scale production runs.
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Use of Advanced Quality Control

  • Quality is a top priority at Firstmold, and we use a range of advanced quality control measures to ensure that our products meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Our quality control process includes 100% inspection of all parts before they are shipped to customers, using techniques such as visual inspection, coordinate measuring machines (CMM), and non-destructive testing (NDT).
  • We use statistical process control (SPC) to monitor key process parameters and detect any issues early on, which allows us to make adjustments and maintain high quality standards.
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In-house Tooling Capabilities

  • Firstmold has a fully equipped tool room with experienced toolmakers, which allows us to design and build molds in-house.
  • Our in-house tooling capabilities give us greater control over the manufacturing process, which means we can respond more quickly to changes or issues that arise during production.
  • We can also make modifications or repairs to existing molds, which can save time and money for our customers.
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Proactive Communication

  • At Firstmold, we believe that clear and open communication is key to a successful project.
  • We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and requirements, and we provide regular updates throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Our team is responsive and proactive in addressing any questions or concerns that arise, and we strive to maintain a high level of transparency and collaboration.
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Reliable Suppliers

  • Firstmold has built strong partnerships with a network of reliable suppliers, including material suppliers and logistics providers.
  • Our suppliers share our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and we work closely with them to ensure timely delivery and consistent quality of materials.
  • These partnerships allow us to source a wide range of materials and components, and to offer competitive pricing to our customers.

Firstmold Injection Molding Orders Workflow

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01.Receive an Order

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02.DFM Phrase

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03.Build a BOM File

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04.Mold Making

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05.Injection Molding

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Finishes For Injection Molding

Our finishing services include surface texturing, painting, laser etching, and more. We can also provide custom color matching to ensure that your parts are the exact color you need. Our team is experienced in working with a wide range of materials, including high-performance engineering resins, to provide high-quality finishes that meet your specifications. With our advanced equipment and skilled technicians, we can provide finishes that enhance the performance and visual appeal of your parts.

Standard Finish

Usually SPI B-2 Standard. The standard finishwill have your parts delivered as molded with no significant cosmetic inputs on interior facing and non-aesthetic sections of your part.


Textured, grained or patterned surfaces ranging from matte to swirl, lines, mesh and more. Texturing may bedone via mold texturing or via post-processing techniques.

Regular Polished

Regular polishing to keep part surface smoothand uniform. High to low luster that delivers a clean,presentable appearance.

Mirror Polished

High polish with an exemplary amount of detail and reflectiveness on the surface of the part. The surface is bright and shiny with a look and feels that is premium.

Additional Resources & FAQs

Injection molding is a manufacturing process used to produce large quantities of parts with high precision and consistency. It involves injecting molten material, typically plastic, into a mold cavity. The material then cools and solidifies, taking the shape of the mold cavity, and the finished part is ejected from the mold.

The injection molding process requires a molding machine, a chosen set of plastic materials (resins), and the mold tool. During injection molding, the plastic material is heated till it becomes molten. The molten plastic is then injected into the mold tool under high pressure, where it is held to fill the mold cavity. It is then left to cool before ejecting the solidified part.

Injection molding offers several advantages over other manufacturing processes. It can produce parts with high precision and consistency, at a high rate of production, and with minimal waste. Injection molding is also highly versatile, with the ability to produce complex shapes and parts with multiple materials and colors.

The cost of injection molding can be influenced by several factors, including the complexity of the part design, the type and quantity of material used, the size and complexity of the mold, and the required finishing and post-processing steps. The cost can also vary depending on the location of the manufacturer and the level of expertise and experience of the molding team.

Injection molding is a manufacturing process used to produce large quantities of plastic parts. The process involves melting plastic pellets, injecting the molten plastic into a mold, and cooling the plastic to solidify it into the desired shape.

Injection molding is a highly efficient process that can produce large quantities of high-quality parts with consistent dimensions and tolerances. The process can also be automated, which can lead to increased production efficiency and lower costs. Additionally, injection molding allows for the production of complex parts with intricate geometries that would be difficult or impossible to produce using other manufacturing processes.