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One-stop-shop molding solutions for tight-tolerance parts

We specialize in providing one-stop-shop injection molding services, from design support and mold making to rapid prototyping, injection molding, and product finishing. With our fast lead times and focus on customer satisfaction, we’ll help keep your project on schedule and within budget. Whether you need plastic injection molding, two-shot injection molding, insert molding, overmolding, family molding, or any other form of injection molding, our team has the experience and expertise to deliver high-quality parts at competitive prices.

Standard injection molding services, including injection mold design, manufacturing, plastic product production.

Production of two plastics of different materials in one injection molding cycle

Metal(such as screws) and plastic components are combined into a single integrated part.

Two sets of molds, two injection cycles to complete the injection process of two different materials

Injection molding solutions for food-grade and medical silicone products for mass production

6 Reasons To Choose Firstmold In Injection Molding Services

Extensive Experience​

Advanced Equipment

Use Of Advanced Quality Control​

In-house Tooling Capabilities

Proactive Communication

Reliable Suppliers

Best Choice For Your Business

45,000,000 +

Monthly Parts Production

50 +

Monthly Molds Fabrication

0.005 mm

Mold Tolerance

90-1000 T

Injection Molding Tolerance

The numbers prove our capabilities

Data Item Description Data Item Description
Maximum Part Dimensions:
1600mm x 1400mm x 500mm
Minimum Part Dimensions:
1mm x 1mm x 5mm
Range of Materials Used:
Over 200 types, including modified plastic materials
Injection Mold Lead Time:
The fastest delivery time is one week
Injection Molding Cycle:
20 seconds for ordinary structural parts
Tooling and injection molding department:
More than 130 employees in their respective roles

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Injection Molding Services

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Orders Workflow

Receive Your Order
Start off by submitting the quote page with your order. Let us see your project details and we will take you on board.
DFM Phase
We perform a DFM analysis that guarantees ease and efficiency in the manufacturing process and making the needed design adjustments if necessary.
After DFM, you will be asked to approve the final design. Production phase then starts, with you issuing a formal order once everything is as per your agreement and satisfaction.
We produce the molds according to the approved project design and begin the injection molding process, changing your project into quality parts.
QC & Adjustments
Every piece is throughly examined for quality. Needed adjustments if any, are made immediately to ensure meeting your acceptable level.
Once all pieces have passed quality check, we put them together in a box and deliver your order, thats how the cycle ends with the pieces ready for application.
Plastic materials samples that can be produced by FirstMold

Injection Molding Materials

The commonly used basic types of injection molding materials are about twenty in total. However, since each type of plastic material has a wide variety of modified materials, our technicians have mastered the injection molding techniques for several hundred types of materials.

The plastics we can injection molding: