precision CNC machined mold parts

CNC Precision Machining Service

Precision Craftsmanship with CNC Precision Machining

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Tight tolerance up to ±0.005mm

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Our hobby is to take on the challenge of complex structural parts

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surface roughness is down to RA0.9 μm

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Mass production

There is no limit to the number of precision parts we can process

Tailor-made for high-precision and complex parts

Firstmold’s precision CNC machining is a widely used technology for machining a wide variety of complex precision parts with extremely high precision. CNC precision machining tools are controlled by our skilled staff with the help of sophisticated digital systems. CNC or computerized digital control allows for extremely specific control of positioning, speed, coordination, feed rates, and other precision aspects of the manufacturing process of a particular part or object is controlled in an extremely specific manner.

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Drawings or Samples

You can customize drawings and samples to provide industry solutions

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Review and Quote

Confirm production process and quotation, place an order for your requirement

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Handling and Proofreading

Inspection, proofreading, your confirmation of the parts or products

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Testing, processing, quality control, packing and shipping

Customized cooperation

Having completed hundreds of projects, we are experienced in handling high-precision and complex parts. We can provide you with quality and reliable CNC precision parts in a short period of time, and the process can be completed in just four steps.

CNC precision machining for precision mold

In many cases, our precision CNC machining technology is used in the manufacture of precision molds

Precision Mold

What is the mold like made by CNC precision machining

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What we call mold accuracy includes: dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy, position accuracy, and surface accuracy. Among them, it is especially important to measure the position accuracy of the cavity and the core. With our CNC precision machining, high-precision molds can be made easily for your subsequent injection or die-casting of high-precision products.

High Precision

High Load-bearing Capacity

Little Wear and Tear

Interchangeability Available

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