two color phone shell

Two-shot Molding

Two color or materials plastic parts solution

Two shot injection molding, or you can call it two color molding/double color molding/double shot molding/dual shot molding/2K injection molding, can produce parts in two different color or materials at one injection cycle time.

Although the ultimate goal is the same as that of overmolding, two-color injection molding can:

Reduce yourmanufacturing costs
Achieve quicker production times
Optimize co-polymerization between materials
2k injection molded part

Two-shot Molding Gallery

Remote Controller Shell

Razor Shell

Car Lights

a working two-shot molding machine

High-precision two-color injection molding machine

Two-shot injection molding workshop with multiple two-shot injection molding machines, high efficiency and low cost, providing the possibility of rapid mass production.

Two-shot mold development capability

Our mold fabrication workshop can produce two-color molds with high precision.

Professional in plastic materials co-polymerization

Different plastics have different physical properties and different chemical properties. Through more than ten years of practical work, we have easily mastered the co-polymerization of two different materials, which allows you to maximize the aesthetics of your products.

Consider the compatibility of the two plastics

Consider the difference in shrinkage rate between the two plastics

Consider the complexity of the shape of the molded product


Professional in plastic materials co-polymerization

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