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Firstmold is a leading tooling design and insert molding manufacturer that has been providing injection molding solutions for over 10 years. Our insert molding services produces custom prototypes and on-demand parts within 14 days to fit a wide array of applications. We use both steel and aluminum molds, helping our clients strike the right balance between cost and volume when making parts from a range of thermoplastic and silicone rubber materials. Our reputation as a quality injection molding company is rivalled only by the perfection we bring to all of your projects. Our team of experts cross across design to production and post-processing, offering support every step of the way. With other complimentary solutions like CNC machining and 3D Printing, Firstmold is uniquely placed to deliver functional, high-quality parts made from insert molding by leveraging technical experience to optimize your design and production.

What you can make with insert injection molding?

Our insert molding can be used with pre-fabricated materials made from metals, plastic or ceramic. Our insert molding services are ideal for instilling functionality into your part. We can make parts that have improved slip-resistance, enhanced grip and more. Our insert molding makes part with improved IP ratings and ensure longevity of your products. Our molding equipment has zero downtimes, running 24/7 to truncate delivery times and meet customer timeline expectations. We achieve mold tolerances up to +0.010 inches for parts that require the highest precision and dimensional accuracy, and offer a “Lifetime mold guarantee System” that stores and maintain our clients mold indefinitely for a small token of storage fee. This way, you can be rest assured that your molds will remain in the best shape over the cycle of production it was intended.
Two Materials

Material Selection For Insert Molded Parts

Insert molding often requires the use of a kind of plastic material and another metal or other material used for the inserted part.
Main Materials

Choose the main material for your injection molding product

We are well-versed in hundreds of plastics or other materials for injection molding, including single materials, mixed materials, modified materials, rubbers, etc. We are familiar with their physical properties, chemical properties, and all parameters. Also, because of the strength of our supply chain system, we can obtain these raw materials in a timely and stable manner without any impact on your product delivery.







Inserted Materials

Dare to imagine, dare to insert

Insert injection molding is generally most commonly used for the insertion of screws or studs, brass will not rust and has characteristics of corrosion resistance. It is affordable and easy to process. which makes it the most commonly used material in insert molding.
In addition, copper, aluminum, steel, hard dissimilar plastic parts, ceramics, glass, and plastic can be used as insert materials. In the product application, we will design the shape and structure of plastic parts according to the thermal expansion coefficient of different materials.


Client Question​

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Insert molding is a type of injection molding that involves the molding of a secondary part over a substrate. The process involves the molding of a plastic part which acts like a secondary layer, around a pre-existing substrate (usually metal)
There are many benefits of using Insert molding. Some of the most common advantages include zero assembly cost, multicolor options, improved performance, ergonomics and functionality, strength and shorter leadtimes.
Choose Insert molding if your part is going to have thermoplastics and/or rubber molded over a pre-fabricated metal part. Insert molding is also suitable for parts where the substrate is made from metals or wires. Finally, choose Insert molding when your finished piece would not need to be disassembled.