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Choose our custom CNC milling solutions for creating rapid prototypes and low-volume units of precision parts. Firstmold offers 3 axis, 4 axis and 5-axis CNC milling centers to meet custom production needs and deliver beautiful designs with high functionality and complex geometries. Our CNC milling is ideal for creating complex parts with flat and jagged geometries like slots and grooves. We also employ our precision CNC milling for post-machining to help add details to turned, 3D-printed or molded parts. Firstmold can make functional parts like brackets, gears, fittings, enclosures and housings, mold tooling, engine parts, medical instruments, punches and dies, making it an ideal fit for use across just about any industry. See more on our 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC milling below.

Why Firstmold

Our Advantages and Benefits in Milling

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At Firstmold, we work with every client irrespective of their volume needs. Our custom CNC prototyping and manufacturing solutions are open to all our clients to leverage for low-volume production and bridge tooling.

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When you work with Firstmold, complex geometries and intricate structures become nothing to worry about. With our design for manufacturing guidelines and CNC machining capabilities, we are fully capable of using 5-axis CNC milling or turning to make any part.

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Got tight deadlines? Looking to beat the competition? Our in-house capacity and network of vetted manufacturing suppliers is all you need to get your part into production in no-time.
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Our injection Molding solutions are capable of making parts that require complex geometrical structures, high dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances to fit and perform in their expected applications. Firstmold can make injection mold with tolerances up to +0.005 inches. Should tighter tolerances be required, we shall evaluate the feasibility, while leadtimes and production costs will increase
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We understand the impact of putting your brand on a part. That’s why we opt for the stringiest quality control standards on every project. We constantly evaluate your parts for precision, repeatability and conformance. Our CAD, CAM and other computer-assisted design profiles are guaranteed to help you eliminate the chances of defects, optimize design and enhance performance.

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Our CNC machining solutions is compatible with various categories of materials to help you find the right fit of aesthetics, performance and functionality in your machined parts.



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CNC milling is a type of CNC machining operation that uses a cutting tool to remove materials from the workpiece by moving the tool around the workpiece till the final design is achieved.

CNC machining can machine just about any materials; however, the most common materials include plastic, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

CNC machining is capable of making parts with high precision and accuracy. It can also deliver parts with complex geometries that will otherwise be difficult to make through other means. It is fast, and can be used for low-volume manufacturing without incurring heavy tooling cost.

Our standard leadtimes for CNC machining operations is 1-7 days. This leadtime is dependent on the geometric complexity of the design, size, volume and tolerance levels required.

CNC milling is ideal for making smaller parts with complex geometries while CNC turning can process relatively larger parts that have cylindrical orientations. Also, while CNC milling operates by rotating the cutting tool around the part, CNC turning operates by rotating the part along a static tool.


Additional Resources & FAQs

We always welcome your calls to share your ideas, and you can also follow our experts on Linkedin.


· Aluminum

· Stainless Steel

· Copper

· Brass

· Titanium

· Plastics

Simple and engineering thermoplastics are widely used in CNC machining for their relative affordability, strength and faster machining time. Some of our plastic material options for CNC machining include POM, ABS, PEEK, PTFE, HDPE, PMMA, PVC, PET, PP and Nylon

different kinds of materials

Finishing Capabilities

CNC milled parts can be left as-machined/as-milled, however, for projects that require more customization, post-processing or surface finishing, Firstmold offers a number of solutions that can change the appearance, surface roughness, chemical resistance and aesthetics of such parts. See some of our finishes below:

· Polishing

High polish with exemplary amount of detail and reflectiveness in the surface of the part. Surface is bright and shiny with a look and feel that is premium.

• Bead Blasting

Bead blasting delivers a satin surface finish or uniform matte finish on parts, removing all tool marks. Bead blasting can also impart textures on your part, and prepare the surface for further finish.

• Anodizing

Anodizing is used to increase corrosion-resistance, scratch-resistance and durability in mechanical parts. It is versatile and can be applied directly to a part, or used after bead blasting, brushing or bright dipping to achieve matte or glossy finishes as required. Firstmold offers Chemical film, type I, type II and type III anodizing sheet metal parts. Anodizing is also an ideal surface treatment for painting and priming.

• Powder coating

Powder coating delivers strong fatigue and wear resistance, and is compatible with virtually every metal material. It can be used as an alternative to anodizing finishes.

• Brushing

Brushing is an aesthetic surface finish used to draw traces and give a brushed feel on the surface of the material, usually metals. It is used on ABS, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Brass

Other Post-Processing and Finishing Capabilities

Save time, money and logistic efforts by completing your parts final touches with Firstmold. We provide a range of secondary processing options post-molding to decorate, brand and customize your part. Our secondary operations currently include:

· UV coating

· Silk or Pad printing

· Chrome plating

· Laser etching

· Labelling

· Engraving

· Threaded Inserts

· Media blasting

· Assembly

· Painting/Spray painting

· Learn more about our other finishing capabilities