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Dwustrzałowe formowanie wtryskowe do precyzyjnej produkcji trymerów do włosów

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Proces produkcji Usługa produkcji form i formowania wtryskowego
Materiał części ABS, PC, POM, PC+ABS, TPU
Typ formy Oprzyrządowanie produkcyjne, forma dwustrzałowa
Zastosowanie Przemysł Higiena osobista
Obróbka powierzchni Druk na jedwabiu
Tolerancja (dokładność) 0,03 mm


Ze wszystkimi naszymi klientami zawarliśmy przedrynkowe umowy o zachowaniu poufności. Wszystkie przypadki, które widzisz, zostały przekazane naszym klientom. Zamieściliśmy kilka poufnych informacji. Wszystkie zdjęcia pochodzą z wewnętrznych sesji zdjęciowych FirstMold, dziękujemy za wsparcie i współpracę~.

What types of hair trimmers can FirstMold manufacture?

FirstMold specializes in manufacturing a wide range of hair trimmers, including electric, cordless, and precision trimmers, to meet diverse customer needs.

Can FirstMold assist with custom design and development of hair trimmers?

Yes, our experienced team can collaborate with you to design and develop custom hair trimmers tailored to your specifications and requirements.

What materials are used in the manufacturing of hair trimmers at FirstMold?

We utilize the range of ABS, PC, POM, and various other plastics that are fit for hair trimmer production to be able to guarantee durability and performance.

What is the lead time for injection molding services for hair trimmers at FirstMold?

Lead times for injection mold service differ depending on the project complex and volume. One of the targets is to offer prompt service supported by our team which collaborates with you to achieve your deadlines.

Can FirstMold provide prototype samples of hair trimmers before mass production?

Yes, we have a prototyping service to supply production samples for testing and evaluation before proceeding with a full production run and ensure a product that matches your expectations.

What is the minimum order quantity for hair trimmer manufacturing at FirstMold?

The hair trimmer factory’s minimum order quantity may differ based on factors such as the design difficulty and the materials involved. We can talk about the unique circumstances you are in and serve as your guide in deciding how much inventory you should start off with.

Does FirstMold offer mold making services for hair trimmers?

Yes, we offer comprehensive mold making services for hair trimmers, including design, fabrication, and testing of injection molds to ensure optimal performance and quality.

How does FirstMold ensure the quality of hair trimmers during manufacturing?

Quality control is a vital aspect of FirstMold’s production process. We have put strong quality management processes and do thorough testing and inspection that ensure hair clippers are of the most excellent performance and toughness standards.

The main hurdle the project met was making them flawless in aesthetics and performance metrics. According to the customer’s needs, the product must include no weld lines, no sticky residue, and no crackling or chipping. Moreover, at precise dimensions with proper assembly and yet, the resulting experience for the user must not be compromised.

two-shot mold base of hair trimmer
two-shot mold base of hair trimmer

The project’s project complexity originated from the numerous material requirements that are localized in ABS, PC, POM, and a combination of PC and ABS in a single component. At first, the consideration of overmolding was challenging to apply to the fact that a light cover (transparent) was on one component which might have led to the injection defects. In order to cross this obstacle, we applied a two-shot molding technique which enables us to welldate faster and expand multilayer using materials with no quality loss.

Mold core part of the main part
Mold core part of the main part

Since it had two parts and the injection molding molds with shot should be precise, the mold design was important. One of the parts was molded with the PC board material in a 1×4 layout with four sliders and then overmolded from soft plastic. Likewise, the second set of molds enabled and posed the ABS and PC of the 1×2 layout with two sliders that created the best distribution and adhesion of materials.

Appearance Requirements:

Welding Lines: Maximum length ≤ 10 mm, width ≤ 0.2 mm, and no more than two allowed, with a minimum distance of 50 mm between the all of them, and taking care that it does not affect product assembly.
Defects: Replace not missing or cracked parts, and flash is banned.
Imperfections: Allowed no imperfections or burrs.

Wymagania dotyczące wydajności:

Dimensional Accuracy: Dimensions of components will per drawings provided have to be met.
Assembly: No issues on assembly allowed making way for trouble-free assembly with no risk of injuries.
Installation: no inner difficulties and no installation interferences.

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