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De Behuizing van de Droneafstandsbediening door Tussenvoegsel het Vormen de Dienst

Productieproces Vorm die de Dienst & tussenvoegsel het Vormen maken
Onderdelen Materiaal PC, PBT, Brass
Type schimmel Productie Gereedschap
Toepassingsindustrie Ruimtevaart
Oppervlaktebehandeling Mold Texturing, Glossy
Tolerantie (Nauwkeurigheid) 0,02 mm


We hebben vertrouwelijkheidsovereenkomsten met al onze klanten. Alle cases die je ziet zijn gecommuniceerd met onze klanten. We hebben wat gevoelige informatie gemozaïekt. Alle foto's zijn afkomstig van interne opnamen van FirstMold, bedankt voor uw steun en medewerking~.

What surface finish options are available for drone remote control housings and components?

We offer a range of surface finishes, including matte, glossy, textured, and soft-touch, to enhance the aesthetic appeal and tactile feel of drone components according to client specifications.

Is FirstMold equipped to produce transparent or semi-transparent components for drones, such as LED light covers?

Yes, we can manufacture transparent or semi-transparent components using materials like clear polycarbonate (PC), allowing for the inclusion of LED light covers and other clear parts in drone designs.

Does FirstMold offer design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis for drone component projects?

Absolutely. We provide DFM analysis to identify potential manufacturing issues early in the design process, ensuring the final design is optimized for injection molding, reducing costs, and improving product quality.

Are there any options for conductive materials or coatings for drone components that require electrical functionality?

Yes, we offer conductive plastics and coatings for components that need to carry electrical current or enhance electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, crucial for components like remote control housings.

How does FirstMold ensure seamless integration of mechanical and electronic components during the assembly of drone remote control housings?

Our assembly process is tightly integrated with our design and molding operations to ensure precise fitment of all components. We use custom fixtures and automated assembly lines to place mechanical and electronic components accurately. This is complemented by systematic functional testing to ensure that each assembled unit meets operational specifications without fail.

What other similar products does FirstMold manufacture using insert molding services?

In addition to drone remote control housings, we use insert molding to manufacture components for other consumer electronics, such as automotive PCB headers, DC circuit fuse holder base. This technique is versatile and suitable for products requiring the integration of multiple materials for enhanced functionality.

This product has been on the market for two and a half years. All mold design drawings, mold pictures, and injection molding process pictures will remain confidential.

Sorry, customer requirements regarding the Drone Remote Control Housing are still confidential.

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