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Rapid tooling in Firstmold

Rapid tooling in Firstmold, literally, is to produce tooling in a short time, with the 1.5 times speed faster than conventional tooling production. Our customers use it in the R&D trial stage and production of various products with low output.

Before mass production, a set of rapid tooling is made to do experiments and to verify the engineering structure before production tooling is produced.

Rapid tooling in Firstmold is low cost, short time consuming, and you can find unreasonable in the design in time before mass production so that the engineering R&D personnel can check the problem visually on it, and then make corrections on the drawings to improve the service life of the production tooling.

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Advantages of rapid tooling in Firstmold


Easy to modify

FastEasy to get materials

Surface finishes available

Firstmold's rapid tooling can accept multiple verifications

Verifications on structural design rationality
Verifications and tests on strength of the parts
Tests on production tooling structural design
Verifications on selected materials performance
Verifications on stability of mass production
Other requirements before mass production

Talking with professionals

The new era of product appearance change speed is unimaginable. For example, some products, such as cell phones and automobiles, not long after the consumer has bought it, a new product is on the shelves. In the era of rapid change in the modern industry production, rapid tooling has a great role to play. Firstmold tips: It’s suitable for rapid tooling to complete when the plastic parts amount is less than 5000. Low tooling cost, short production time and quick changeover will satisfy you.