Product Assembly

product assembly of air fryer
product assembly case

On-demand product assembly service with focus on functionality and quality

Firstmold can provide you with product assembly services, which are a part of our ODM service and a result of the combination with our manufacturing capabilities. Our fundamental aim is to provide you with a one-stop service, effectively avoiding errors and troubles arising from the docking of different suppliers. The products we assemble include household appliances, sensors, daily necessities, medical devices, etc. With our extensive experience in finished product assembly, combined with our diverse manufacturing capabilities and proven engineering support, we can provide you with a cost-effective experience that optimizes service and maximizes value.








assembly for Humidifier
assembly for microwave oven
assembly for disk
assembly for pot
assembly for rice cooker
assembly for water bottle
assembly for switch
assembly for dashboard
assembly for electric components

Benefits for you from product assembly

These benefits come from our professionalism and dedication, as well as our carefully prepared one-stop service for you

cost reducing

Reduce cost

Reduces overhead, procurement costs, transportation costs and cost-sharing

effeciency improve

Increase efficiency

It can reduce a lot of unnecessary links and make production more focused

quality control

Control Quality

Centralize quality control and set quality standards

stable and consistent

Improve consistency

Reduced third parties and increased product uniformity

time saving

Save time

Saves part of communication time and interface time with third-party companies

custom tax

Tariff savings

Finished products for sale, reducing tariffs


Gallery collection of our services

Parts being assembled in the product line
The workers who are assembling the product line
Semi-finished products
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overview of appliance product assembly

Product assembly in a variety of industries

Case Study

A typical product assembly case

A typical case will give you a better understanding of our company’s product assembly services. What you will see below is a small kitchen appliance product that has been hot in the market in recent years: air fryer. It consists of plastic shell, circuitry, glass container and other parts. Although the structure is not complicated, it also requires different assembly processes to complete.

product air fryer plastic

Plastic parts

make plastic parts by our injection molding service

product air fryer clear parts

Metal parts

make metal parts by our die casting or CNC machining service

product air fryer frame


Air fryer frame structure made according to design

air dryer assembly
product air fryer core drive

Core drive

Familiar partners can solve the program-related stuff for us


Despite the intricacies of these wires, they are also available on demand


Hardware parts are indispensable, they play an important part

product air fryer encapsulation


The assembled product needs to be encapsulated at a later stage

product air fryer packages


Packing is the last part of our product assembly service