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Mold Fabrication

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Once the rapid tooling phase is complete, your product will move on to mass production, and that’s where our production tooling services come in handy. Injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die casting, forging molding, stamping and other types of molds are the products of our production mold services. 

Firstmold’s production tooling service has been cultivated in this industry for many years, representing the level of Chinese industrial manufacturing, and has been widely praised by our customers.

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Mold Design

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Mold Making

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Mass Production

Quality Control

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Mold Classifications and Standards

Production toolings are used for mass production, so there are strict requirements for the cycles. In Firstmold, mold size, construction, and material determine the final price of production toolings, while the material determines their lifespans. We have procurement staff to control the quality of materials and inspectors to repeatedly control the performance of our products, so we are fully committed to your products.

production tooling in fabrication workshop
Types Cycles Descriptions Price
Class 101 Molds
1 million or more
It is a long-term precision mass production hardened steel mold
Extremely High
Class 102 Molds
Not exceeding 1 million
It is a high output precision hardened steel mold
Medium to high
Class 103 Molds
Not exceeding 500,000
It is a medium production pre-hardened steel mold
Class 104 Molds
Not exceeding 100,000
It is a low production prehardened steel die
Low to medium
Class 105 Molds
Not exceeding 500
It is used to produce the prototypes, and the mold material can use aluminum, epoxy resin, etc.