Molds made by Firstmold

Mold Making

A large injection mold used for aerospace part

Custom Mold Classification

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Rapid Tooling

Short delivery time, suitable for low-volume production

Production Tooling

Medium delivery time, suitable for mass production

Precision Mold

High precision, tight tolerance, complex structure

Mold Making Process

Generally, Firstmold divides the mold making into 12 steps

Issues You May Be Agonizing Over

In the past, you may have experienced the following troubles from your current suppliers.

Too much molding defects

Burn makrs, flow lines, air voids, sink marks, short shots, flashes, various defects occur.

Troubles in some mold making suppliers

Repeated mold trials

The mold is often repaired and the project schedule is delayed due to design or process problems.

Hidden cost increased

Very long injection cycle time and untimely communication, resulting in increased hidden costs.

Delayed delivery time

Suppliers will always have various excuses, causing the delivery date to be pushed back several times.

How Firstmold Solved The Problem

What stands the strength of a supplier is to coordinate and communicate actively and solve issues correctly.


Rigorous mold design, Most of the molds can be used in mass production in one mold trial.

mold making design before production
mold part inspection

Quality inspection at every step to detect mass production problems in advance

Delivery Time

Provide weekly progress reports to keep customers informed of the status at all times

logistics to ensure on-time delivery