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PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) Injection Molding

Durability, chemical resistance and versatility make many industrial designs possible with PVC

PVC materials for plastic injection molding

PVC Product Manufacturing Services From Professional Plants

For many years, FirstMold has been providing high-quality production molds for European and American customers, including automotive molds, medical molds, electrical molds, two-color molds, thin-wall molds, and various other custom injection molds. The core of PVC product quality lies in mold design, and we have accumulated extensive experience in mold design, development, and production, ensuring strict control over product quality for our clients.

plastic mold for pvc injection molding

Applications of PVC Injection Molding

PVC, with its flexibility and comfort, aesthetic appeal, and affordability, has brought numerous conveniences to people’s lives. FirstMold has applied it across multiple industries in past cases.

Automotive & EV

PVC injection molding in automotive applications

Consumer Electronic

PVC injection molding in cousumer electronic applications

Outdoor Gears

PVC injection molding in outdoor equipment and gear applications

Personal Care

PVC injection molding in cosmetic applications

Traditionally, PVC is often associated with its use in construction materials and piping. However, the reality is that PVC’s application in injection molding is quite widespread.

Partial close-up view of large PVC parts housing
Polyvinyl chloride medical device housings
Why Choose FirstMold

PVC Injection Molding Capabilities At FirstMold

Our capabilities in PVC injection molding are undeniable and are primarily demonstrated in the following areas:


Material Expertise:

Molding Technology:

Design Support:


Quality Assurance:

High Volume Production:

Innovative Solutions:

Speed to Market

Our PVC injection molding is based on our strong rapid tooling and production tooling technology, which allows us to meet delivery dates and get your products to market as quickly as possible.

Color and Finish Options

FirstMold’s color control of PVC products is unique and does not tolerate color differences. We also offer a wide range of product finishes to make your products perfect.

Complex Part Production

Complex PVC parts rely on experienced mold design. Our team of at least 20 mold designers with more than 10 years of experience work together with our processing and injection molding departments to produce each complex part.