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PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) Injection Molding

The most powerful yet most expensive plastic solution.

Polyether ether ketone Injection Molded Component and PEEK Plastic Materials

PEEK High-End Part Injection Molding Factory

The high-temperature processing of PEEK may not be suitable for all injection molding part suppliers, as it places high demands on injection molding capabilities. FirstMold, with hundreds of case applications of PEEK material, is well-versed in the properties of PEEK and has substantial practical production experience. Our high-performance machines, knowledgeable professionals, and experienced mold design engineers perfectly match these requirements.”

Injection Mold For PEEK plastic materials

Applications of PEEK Injection Molding

PEEK, with its creep resistance, ability to withstand various liquid media, and high-temperature resistance, becomes an almost perfect material. However, considering its high cost, it is therefore extensively used in special structural components and performance parts.


PEEK injection-molded parts for medical devices and joint implants


PEEK injection molded parts in the field of components and bolts for aircraft and satellites

Machinery and Equipment

PEEK injection molded parts for gears and bearings in machinery and equipment manufacturing


PEEK injection-molded parts in the field of electronic connectors and circuit boards

The development of AI has accelerated the arrival of the era of robotics. By adopting lightweight materials without sacrificing the original structure and performance, robots can reduce operational energy consumption. Among these materials, PEEK will fully demonstrate its remarkable abilities in this field.

Polyetheretherketone Plastic special structural components
Polyetheretherketone Injection Molded High-Performance parts
Polyetheretherketone bushing made by injection molding

When Do You Start To Molding PEEK?

Our first PEEK injection molding case dates back to August 2014, involving a relatively simple automotive clutch gear seal ring product.

How Many Cases Have You Completed?

We receive 20-30 PEEK project requests from clients every year, ranging from simple gear molding to complex aerospace specialty performance parts.

What Parts Manufacturing Solutions Do You Offer?

We offer PEEK standard injection molding, PEEK insert molding, PEEK overmolding, PEEK family molding and even PEEK CNC machining solutions.

Why Choosing Our PEEK Injection Molding Service?

Choosing us for PEEK injection molding is a good decision that brings numerous advantages to your projects: