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Custom CNC Turning Services from Firstmold

Explore our CNC turning services to create functional prototypes and end-use parts with intricate geometries and surface with conical, spherical and cylindrical features. Our CNC turning is compatible with plastic, metals and composite materials, producing beautiful designs and features through our lathes or turning centers for any application in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical and an array of other industries. We have no minimum order quantities, making our turning ideal for making high volume mass production, low-volume manufacturing and even one-off prototype/parts. Firstmold can achieve tightly-controlled tolerances of up to 0.005” or better on request. Though our many years of experience, we have gained the necessary expertise for making both simple and complex functional parts in quick leadtimes and affordable rates. Our vast range of manufacturing technologies contributes to the unrivalled quality, flexibility and performance that goes into our CNC turning operations that ultimately leaves you with the best possible version of your parts.

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Firstmold CNC Turning Capabilities

We combine CNC design for manufacturing (DFM) with factors like functionality and aesthetics to optimize product design and manufacturing setups for highest value.

Firstmold has CNC turning lathes that feature only 2 axes for making simple turned plastic or metal prototypes and parts. Our CNC lathes are the ideal solutions for making rapid prototypes and end-use parts that do not require a lot of detailing, and tolerancing. Our CNC turning lathes are quick and affordable with a leadtime of just 1-3 days. This service is recommended for clients who have relatively simple designs and project requirements.

Firstmold integrated turning centers comprises of drilling, milling and sub-spindle capabilities used for manufacturing more complex prototypes and finished parts. Our CNC turning centers are more expensive than lathe services, but delivers overall higher efficiency and precision on operations.

Firstmold provides quality post-processing solutions like tapping, marking, etching and more. We also have an array of finishing solutions like sand-papering, polishing, bead blasting, anodizing, chrome coating and more to enhance the beauty and functionality of your machined parts.

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Turning/Milling Center

Firstmold introduces turning & milling compound machining technology, one of the most popular international machining processes in the field of machining at present. We can easily complete many difficult parts machining, which is widely used in the medical, aerospace, and automotive industry.


What can you experience with our turn-mill machining?

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Short Process Chain & High Production Effenciency

Turn/Mill can complete all or most of the machining processes in one setup, greatly shortening the product manufacturing process chain. This can guarantee your product delivery time.

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Reduce Clamping Times & Tight Tolerance

The reduction of the number of loading cards avoids the accumulation of errors due to the transformation of positioning reference. The online inspection ability can control the accuracy of key parameters in the machining process, improving the machining accuracy.

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Turning and Milling Available & Complex Parts Machining
For 5-axis machining center, it can only do milling machining but not turning machining. Therefore, there are many limitations in the processing. Turning and milling center can cover the processing of 5-axis machining center

We are trusted by many clients

Our turning services are mainly applied to automotive parts, aviation parts, consumer electronics, medical devices, etc. Our products are exported to USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries.
We have maintained long-term and in-depth cooperation with many well-known international companies, such as Tesla, Honda, Porsche, ZODIAC AEROSPACE, B/E AEROSPACE, AVANOS MEDICAL, BYD CO.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Turning Questions

CNC turning is a type of CNC machining operation that uses a machine tool to remove materials from the workpiece by rotating the workpiece around the tool till the final design is achieved.

CNC turning can machine just about any materials; however, the most common materials include plastic, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

CNC machining is capable of making parts with high precision and accuracy. It can also deliver parts with complex geometries that will otherwise be difficult to make through other means. It is fast, and can be used for low-volume manufacturing without incurring heavy tooling cost.

Our standard leadtimes for CNC machining operations is 1-7 days. This leadtime is dependent on the geometric complexity of the design, size, volume and tolerance levels required.

CNC milling is ideal for making smaller parts with complex geometries while CNC turning can process relatively larger parts that have cylindrical orientations. Also, while CNC milling operates by rotating the cutting tool around the part, CNC turning operates by rotating the part along a static tool.


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