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The Injection mold is the core of the industry production

injection mold made in FirstMold

Overview of our injection mold making service

Our core competency in mold manufacturing lies in the following three stages:

moldmaking large injection mold


Our injection molds are meticulously designed by mold designers with over a decade of experience, not only considering the quality and precision of the final injection-molded products but also the production speed, to maximize efficiency

mold disign phrase in injection mold making

Mold Machining

The precision of mold processing depends on the accuracy of the machining equipment and the familiarity of the equipment programmers and operators with the machine, both of which are strengths of FirstMold.

traditional mold machining in injection mold making

Mold Assembly

Mold assembly includes steps such as mold fitting confirmation and mold polishing, all of which are completed in FirstMold's mold assembly workshop. To ensure the final injection-molded products are more precise, this step is repeated multiple times.

mold assembly phrase in injection mold making

Injection Molds Application & Injection Molded Parts

The ultimate goal of the injection mold making service is the production of injection-molded parts. The molds produced can either be used by the clients for their own injection molding production or entrusted to FirstMold for injection molding production.

These cases demonstrate the use of injection molds in the injection molding process and the final formed products.

plastic injection mold for overmolding process
use plastic overmold to produce the parts
medical injection mold in injection molding service
medical parts made by injection mold making service and injection molding service
Mold Types

Types of injection molds we serve

The injection molds we manufacture can be classified into several categories based on different criteria:

customer engineer for injection mold making service

"Working with FirstMold transformed our approach to product development. Their expertise in injection mold making is unparalleled. From rapid prototyping to full-scale production tooling, they've consistently delivered molds of exceptional quality. Their attention to detail and commitment to precision have significantly reduced our time to market, enhancing our competitive edge."

Alex Johnson

Senior Product Engineer

customer designer for injection mold making service

FirstMold's injection mold making service has been a game-changer for our automotive component production. The precision and durability of their molds have ensured flawless part production, meeting our strict quality standards. Their ability to work with complex designs and materials has allowed us to innovate freely, knowing that FirstMold can bring our visions to reality.

Sarah Thompson


By Usage Frequency:

Designed for quick, short-run productions, allowing for fast prototyping and testing.

Built for long-term, high-volume manufacturing, ensuring durability and stability throughout the production process.

injection mold type rapid tooling
injection mold type production tooling

By Material:

Preferred for their quicker machining time and lower cost, suitable for lower volume productions.

Chosen for high-volume production due to their superior durability and longevity.

Utilized in specific parts of the mold that require unique properties, such as thermal conductivity, in beryllium copper alloyed molds.

injection mold type aluminum mold
injection mold type steel mold

By Demolding Mechanism:

The simplest and most common type, where the mold splits into two halves to eject the part.

More complex, allowing for automatic demolding and the creation of more intricate parts, with an additional plate for runner and gate system separation.

injection mold type 2 plate mold
injection mold type 3 plate mold
Mold Components

Injection mold components we process

Our injection molds are typically fabricated using CNC machining or EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) processes. The components made for these molds include:

injection mold slider brief view
injection mold cavity we can process
injection mold guide pin processed by Firstmold
injection mold runner brief view

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Why We Stand Out

Three reasons underpin the success of our mold manufacturing service to date:

finished plastic injection mold

Over a Decade of Mold Design Experience

Our approach to mold design is grounded in reality, not whimsical ideas. Our designers are our most valuable asset, boasting over ten years of experience in aesthetic and structural design aspects such as wall thickness, material selection, snap-fit design, and boss design. They know how to efficiently and swiftly complete the design of injection molds.

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Advanced Machining Equipment and Professional Operation

We have invested in a wide array of high-precision machines from renowned brands like Haas, GF+, and Makino, specifically tailored to handle complex machining tasks involving deep structures, curved surfaces, and smooth finishes. This ensures the high quality of our injection-molded products.

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Competitive and Stable Pricing System

Thanks to our efficient production management system and stable supply chain for metal materials, we offer highly competitive prices in the global market without compromising on quality. Rest assured, we can provide material certifications to back up our quality claims.

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6 Steps of Commissioning Us for Injection Mold Making

injection mold making service order workflow 02
injection mold making service order workflow 05

Submit Product Drawings

Step One

Simply provide us with your product drawings. We will hold a dedicated meeting to assess your project and issue an initial report.

Product DFM Analysis

Step Two

We will produce a DFM (Design for Manufacturability) report or mold flow analysis report and communicate with you to confirm your requirements.


Step Three

Upon your confirmation, our mold designers will use all the collected requirement information for professional mold design.

Productie van gietvormen

Step Four

Our CNC workshop will begin manufacturing the mold components, which will then be inspected by our quality control department.

Mold Assembly

Step Five

We will perform multiple mold fittings and polishings to ensure mold precision and prevent various injection molding defects during use.

Delivery For Use

Step Six

Your custom-designed injection mold is meticulously inspected, packaged, and delivered, ready for immediate use in production.

Heat treatment process for machined injection molds
Mold Finishing

Surface Finishing and Post-Processing in Injection Mold Making Services

Due to varying customer needs, the majority of molds produced by FirstMold undergo surface treatments and post-processing. By default, we apply a high-gloss finish to make the final injection-molded product surface smoother. In addition, we utilize techniques such as sand blasting and etching to treat the surfaces of mold parts.

To enhance mold hardness or lifespan, we typically subject the completed injection molds to post-processing treatments like heat treatment and nitriding.

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Delivery Times and Trial Runs for Different Injection Molds

Our mold delivery timeline begins from the moment you confirm the order and we start the mold design, and it extends up to the first trial run phase.

For rapid tooling, we typically complete the process within 7 days, whereas for production molds, the timeline usually spans 30-45 days. Given that production molds require more time to complete, our team will maintain close communication with you to ensure your requirements are met.

Prior to the first official trial run, we conduct internal trial runs. Additionally, we will undertake 2-3 more trial runs to effectively identify and eliminate potential injection molding defects that could arise during production.

Mold fitting and preparation for production delivery
Mold fitting procedure before mold testing

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Our Strength

Overview of the Mold Workshop and Mold Department

Mold Fabrication Department
Mold Design Department
CNC Machining Department
EDM Department
CNC Machines
Mills & Lathes
EDM Machines
mold fabrication workshop for injection mold processing
CNC machining workshop for injection mold processing
CNC mills for injection mold making
EDM machine for injection mold processing
mold design department
CNC machining department for injection mold making

FAQs For Injecton Mold Making Services

injection mold making icon

What is an injection mold

We have a detailed blog about what is an injection mold, you can click the link to learn more: “What is an injection mold?”

What is injection mold making at FirstMold Manufacturing Limited?

Injection mold making at FirstMold involves precision engineering and advanced manufacturing techniques to create high-quality molds for plastic injection molding. We use different machining process, including EDM and CNC machining, to craft molds that meet our clients’ specific requirements.

What materials does FirstMold use for injection mold making?

Typically we make molds that are completed with various types of mold steel, depending on the needs of the final molded product and the number of times it will be used. At one time aluminum molds were relatively widely used because of their lower price, but since steel does not have a particularly significant price advantage over aluminum these days, and since the physical properties of aluminum are not as good as those of steel, aluminum molds are used less often than they used to be. Beryllium copper is also used as the primary material for some mold components, but it is very expensive.

What support does FirstMold provide after delivering an injection mold?

After delivering an injection mold, FirstMold provides  troubleshooting, maintenance advice, and, if needed, modifications. We strongly recommend you to enjoy our injection molding service along with our injection mold manufacturing service, which can make your production management of injection molded products more scientific.

What steps does FirstMold take to ensure customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction at FirstMold is achieved through our commitment to quality, transparency, and responsive customer service. We engage in open dialogue with our clients to understand their needs fully, provide regular progress updates, and stand ready to address any concerns or modifications promptly.

Can FirstMold provide mold flow analysis services?

Of course, a mode flow analysis would be more comprehensive than a DFM. But usually we charge a small fee on top of that.

How does FirstMold handle urgent or rush injection mold making projects?

For urgent or rush projects, FirstMold has a dedicated fast-track process that prioritizes the project through our production schedule. We utilize rapid prototyping and efficient workflow management to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.

Can FirstMold modify or repair existing molds?

Absolutely, For those injection molds that we make ourselves, mold repair can be said to be our basic responsibility. FirstMold offers mold modification and repair services to extend the life of existing molds or adjust them for new production requirements. Our skilled technicians can assess and perform the necessary work to meet the highest standards of functionality and reliability.

Can FirstMold produce multi-cavity molds for high-efficiency production?

Absolutely, FirstMold is proficient in designing and manufacturing multi-cavity molds for high-efficiency production runs. Our expertise allows for the simultaneous production of multiple parts, significantly reducing cycle times and increasing output.

Does FirstMold support the transition from prototype tooling to production tooling?

It’s not an easy thing to do. As a matter of fact, the mold processing factories on the market do not support this either. We believe that there is a deviation in the structure of the two, so in the beginning we suggest you to communicate with our colleagues first to confirm your needs.

What quality control measures does FirstMold implement during the mold making process?

We have a number of testing equipments such as CMM, material testor, etc. We will test the dimensions and quality of the mold components many times, because we know that every detail may affect the performance of the final injection mold.

Does FirstMold offer any additional services to complement injection mold making?

Beyond injection mold making, FirstMold offers a suite of complementary services, including product development consulting, rapid prototyping, post-processing of injection molded parts (like painting or assembly), and logistics solutions to support our clients from concept to final delivery.

How does FirstMold approach cost optimization for clients?

FirstMold actively works with clients to optimize costs without compromising quality. This includes material selection advice, design optimization for manufacturability, efficient production planning, and leveraging our global supply chain to reduce expenses.