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Precision Injection Molding for Multi-functional Hair Dryer

Manufacturing Process Mold Making Service & Injection Molding Service
Parts Material PA66+30%GF, PP, PS
Mold Type Production Tooling
Application Industry Personal Care
Surface Treatment Exterior parts: Spray painting

Buttons: Electroplating & Silk-screen printing

Tolerance(Accuracy) 0.03mm


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What sets FirstMold apart in hair dryer component manufacturing?

At FirstMold, you will receive customized hair dryer components that are both of high quality and precise. Our injection molding technology and experience being extremely accurate, make us the perfect choice for the most difficult standards.

Can FirstMold accommodate custom designs for hair dryer components?

Absolutely! Our specialty lies in customized mold design and we match our specific injection molding process to accommodate custom hair dryer component shapes and requirements. We will be delighted to work with you, our seasoned experts will be very instrumental in transforming your dreams into reality.

How does FirstMold ensure the quality of hair dryer components during manufacturing?

Being of high quality is the first thing we invest in at FirstMold. We implement rigorous quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process, including taking every component through thorough testing and inspection that guarantee developments with respect to specifications and standards.

What materials does FirstMold use for hair dryer component manufacturing?

We have a wide range of materials conforming to the hair dryer manufacturing standards that we provide inclusive of the high-quality plastics and metals. Our experts will advise you on the best choice of material by taking into account your personal preferences and application.

Can FirstMold assist with design optimization for hair dryer components?

Absolutely! Our engineers make a great team who can critically analyze your hairdryer components’ brush, motor, switch, or housing so as to recommend improvements that would elevate its efficiency and usability. We’ll work with you hands-on to ensure the best outcomes.

Q: What is the typical turnaround time for hair dryer component manufacturing at FirstMold?

A: It can be different as it depends on the complexity and volume of the project. Nonetheless, we put efforts in giving responsive and punctual service and our team will work hard to make sure that we fulfill the deadlines and project requirements.

The project’s primary focus was on achieving precision in the curvature of the main body of the hair dryer. Unlike conventional designs fixed with screws, the assembly of these components required meticulous attention to detail to eliminate any undesirable gaps. Our team’s commitment to high precision ensured seamless integration, meeting the client’s exacting standards.

Injection mold of Multi-functional Hair Dryer by FirstMold
Injection mold of Multi-functional Hair Dryer by FirstMold

Furthermore, addressing the dynamic balance of the fan blades posed another significant challenge. With the client’s stringent requirements for dynamic balance testing, our injection molding solutions needed to meet exceptionally high standards. Through precise mold design and meticulous testing, we ensured optimal performance and airflow consistency.

Hair dryer parts are being molded through the injection molding process.
Hair dryer parts are being molded through the injection molding process.

During the mold design phase, our engineers encountered various complexities, including the risk of air pockets and weld lines due to the injection point placement. Through iterative testing and refinement, we successfully mitigated these issues, guaranteeing flawless production runs.

Hairdryer's outlet parts are porous and the bosses are hollow
The hair dryer’s outlet parts are porous and the boss positions are hollow.

Additionally, intricate features such as internal perforations presented challenges during ejection, requiring innovative mold design solutions. By leveraging our expertise in mold design, we overcame these obstacles, ensuring smooth ejection and minimizing production downtime.

1. Appearance Requirements:

a. Dark Spots(Black Streaks): Allow one black spot on each side of the front/back, within a range of ≤0.1mm. No specific requirements for non-visible areas.

b. Burr: Height ≤0.2mm, must not be sharp to avoid injury or assembly issues.

c. Sink Mark: Size: ≤1mm²; Allowed in two areas, with a distance of more than 50mm between them and should not affect assembly.

2. Performance Testing Requirements:

a. All plastic parts must meet the material requirements specified in the Bill of Materials (BOM).

b. No misalignment of screw holes.

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