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Bouchon de parfum surmoulé en forme de diamant

Processus de fabrication Mold Making Service & Overmolding Service
Pièces Matériau ABS
Type de moule Outil de production
Industrie d'application Soins personnels
Traitement de surface Electroplate
Tolérance (précision) 0,03 mm

Notes :

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What materials are commonly used for making perfume caps via injection molding?

These are often composed of ABS, PC, and PP, some with a unique plastic like Surlyn to enhance transparency and aesthetics. The choice of materials depends on whether the desired finish is given prominence, the durability of the product, and the associated cost warning.

How long does it take to produce a mold for a custom perfume cap?

Depending on the project’s needs and particularities, injection mold production may range from simple jobs to more complex ones. Usually, the process begins with designing a prototype, which takes 4 – 8 weeks. After completing this stage, the actual mold is fabricated and subjected to a series of quality control tests.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for custom perfume caps?

The variation in the MOQ depends on the project details and the company’s creation costs. Usually, the MOQ is put in place so that the project will be cost-effective for both the client and the manufacturer, considering the client’s needs to arrive at the perfect MOQ.

How does FirstMold ensure the quality of the produced perfume caps?

FirstMold is attentive to implementing quality measures at every step, from component evaluation to the final test run. We rely on the newest strength and testing tools to provide the highest quality caps that match our standards and the client’s order.

This precision was crucial, especially considering the target users are women, who may prefer not to struggle with opening their perfume bottles.


Creating a visually stunning and functionally precise perfume cap presented a unique challenge. The design, inspired by the elegance of a diamond, required meticulous attention to the dimensions at the bottleneck assembly to ensure a perfect fit. It was crucial that the cap could be easily handled and remained secure without being too tight or too loose, as per the client’s specifications.

Solution :

FirstMold embarked on this project with a focus on precision and aesthetic appeal. By closely following the client-provided assembly size specifications, we set stringent standards for the bottleneck to achieving the ideal balance between secure fitting and ease of use.

finished perfume cap overmold ready for the products

High Standards for Surface Treatment:

The project demanded an exceptional level of surface finish.

Production Efficiency:

With two sets of molds and two machines dedicated to this project, we achieved an impressive production cycle, delivering 1,000 units per day with a 1×4 layout. This efficiency did not compromise the product’s quality or the specific demands for material color—in this case, a sophisticated black instead of the natural color typically used in electroplated pieces.

perfume cap with 1x4 layout

Dimensional Precision:

The assembly position at the bottleneck required precise control to achieve the perfect balance between ease of use and secure attachment. This necessitated setting specific standards based on the client’s assembly size requirements.

Finition de la surface :

A high level of surface treatment was required.

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