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Protótipo artesanal do famoso Ninho de Pássaro de Pequim através de maquinagem CNC de precisão

Processo de fabrico Precision CNC Machining Service
Material das peças ABS
Solução Prototipagem rápida
Indústria de aplicação Entertainment and Leisure
Tratamento de superfície Smooth finish
Tolerância (Precisão) 0,01mm


Temos acordos de confidencialidade antes da comercialização com todos os nossos clientes. Todos os casos que vê foram comunicados aos nossos clientes. Nós fizemos um mosaico de algumas informações sensíveis. Todas as imagens foram tiradas de filmagens internas da FirstMold, obrigado pelo vosso apoio e cooperação~

What kind of architectural prototypes can be created using CNC machining?

CNC machining can produce a wide range of architectural prototypes, from famous structures like the Beijing Bird’s Nest to custom models of buildings, bridges, monuments, and more, with intricate detailing and precision.

Can colors be applied to the prototypes?

While CNC machining focuses on the shape and detail of the prototype, colors can be added post-production through painting, allowing for a fully finished model that matches the original design’s color scheme.

How do clients start a project for crafting an architectural prototype or craft with your services?

Clients can start by submitting a project inquiry, including design files or detailed descriptions of their desired prototype. Our team will then consult with the client to refine the project scope, provide a quote, and outline the production timeline.

Can you provide prototypes with functional moving parts?

Absolutely. Our CNC machining capabilities allow for the creation of prototypes with functional moving parts, such as hinges or sliders, which can be essential for certain architectural models and crafts.

What advice do you offer clients new to CNC machining and prototype development?

We advise clients to focus on clear and detailed design documentation, consider the material and finishing options carefully, and communicate openly about their goals and concerns. Our team is here to guide you through the process to achieve the best possible outcome.

CNC machining of bird's nest artifacts starts with a block of ABS material
CNC machining of bird’s nest artifacts starts with a block of ABS material
CNC Roughing in Bird’s Nest Crafts
Semi-finishing in Bird’s Nest Crafts

Design Specifications:

Dimensions: Dimensions must be in accordance with the item size provided on the BOM sheet
Base: The prototype should include a base platform for stability and display purposes, incorporating any necessary supports discreetly.

Machining Specifications:

Precision: Given the complexity of the design, the CNC machining process must achieve very tight tolerances to accurately represent the intricate details of the Bird’s Nest design.
Finishing: The prototype should have a smooth surface finish, with any post-machining cleanup performed to remove burrs or rough edges. The appearance should be visually appealing and ready for display without additional finishing by the client.

Quantity and Lead Time:

Prototype Quantity: 1 unit for initial review, with the potential for additional units based on the success of the initial prototype.
Lead Time: The desired lead time for prototype completion is within 4-6 weeks from order confirmation.

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