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Kit de cales de pignon par CNC Turning Service

Processus de fabrication Service de tournage CNC
Pièces Matériau Acier
Solution Production de masse
Industrie d'application Outils et équipements
Traitement de surface Standard Glossy
Tolérance (précision) 0.005mm

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What materials are commonly used for CNC machining pinion shims?

A: Pinion shims are typically made from metals such as steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, chosen for their durability, strength, and ability to withstand the mechanical stresses within gear assemblies.

Q: Can FirstMold produce custom sizes and thicknesses for pinion shims?

A: Yes, our CNC turning service et CNC machining services are fully equipped to manufacture pinion shims in custom sizes and thicknesses to meet precise specifications and tolerances required by our clients.

Q: What is the accuracy level of CNC machining for pinion shims?

A: Our CNC machining processes achieve high accuracy levels, with tolerances as tight as ±0.005 inches (±0.127 mm) or tighter, ensuring the pinion shims fit perfectly within the intended gear assembly.

Q: How does FirstMold handle the quality control of machined pinion shims?

A: Contrôle de la qualité is paramount in our operations. We conduct dimensional inspections, material testing, and surface finish checks at multiple stages of the production process to ensure every pinion shim meets our high-quality standards.

Q: Are there any finishing services available for pinion shims?

A: We offer a range of finishing services, including deburring, polishing, and coating, to improve the appearance, corrosion resistance, and performance of the pinion shims.

Pinion Shim manufactured by simple CNC turning for high volume production
Pinion Shim manufactured by simple CNC turning for high volume production

Precision and Tolerances:

  • Tolérance : ±0.005 mm
  • Reason: High precision is necessary to ensure proper gear alignment and smooth operation in automotive components.

Finition de la surface :

  • Surface Roughness (Ra): 0.8 µm
  • Reason: A smoother surface finish is required to reduce friction and wear, enhancing the durability of the gear assembly.

Dimensional Accuracy:

  • Measurement Standard: ISO 2768 – Fine Class
  • Reason: Ensures that each shim maintains strict dimensional conformity to facilitate accurate spacing and prevent mechanical failures.
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