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Proyecto de utillaje rápido para el secador de pelo Essence Care

Proceso de fabricación Servicio de fabricación de moldes
Piezas Material PC+ABS(Plástico modificado)
Tipo de molde Herramientas rápidas
Industria de aplicación Cuidado personal
Tratamiento de superficies Botón: Chapado + Grabado láser
Tolerancia(Precisión) 0,02 mm
Ciclo de fabricación de moldes 25 días para 8 juegos de molde rápido


Tenemos acuerdos de confidencialidad previos a la comercialización con todos nuestros clientes. Todos los casos que verá se han comunicado con nuestros clientes. Hemos mosaico alguna información sensible. Todas las fotos han sido tomadas del rodaje interno de FirstMold, gracias por su apoyo y cooperación~

What materials can be used in rapid tooling for hair dryer molds?

A vast variety of materials, such as plastics and metals can be used for making these products. The most common hair dryer molds are made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PC (Polycarbonate) and PC+ABS blends mixed together, known for their durability, heat resistance, and finish quality.

Can you accommodate complex designs with rapid tooling?

Yep, rapid tooling can work well for complicated designs. With the advanced and precision techniques that are in the production of molds, one can have intricate details that will ensure that the complex designs of hairdryers are perfectly produced.

How do you ensure the quality of molds produced through rapid tooling?

Control de calidad is an essential feature of our quick tooling service. We mix the newest inspection methods like dimensional check, material testing, and functional check to give the most reliable assurance that each and every mold complies with our high standards for quality and performance.

Can rapid tooling be used for mass production?

Fast tooling is the option to use, if you want to produce in the small to medium range of production numbers. Producción en masa is where one of the great strengths of 3D printing lies – it is a perfect delivery mechanism for developing prototype molds or for products with shorter life cycles. For high-volume conventional production, traditional tooling probably is likely more cost-effective in the long term.

What file formats do you accept for mold design?

We are able to handle a variety of file formats for 3D mold design from common formats such as STEP, IGES, and STL. We also accept CAD files in formats like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and CATIA apart from the norms.

What is the cost of rapid tooling for a hair dryer mold?

El coste del utillaje rápido puede ser de poco a mucho, dependiendo de las dimensiones, la complejidad y el material del molde. Ofrecemos ofertas precisas que se adaptan a los requisitos particulares de los proyectos, ofreciéndole precios competitivos claros y transparencia.

This essence care hair dryer is a revolutionary personal care tool, which has a foldable, portable design along with an internal compartment for dispensing essence, conditioning, or fragrance while drying hair. the project involved the design of prototype tooling to realize small-scale production of 100 units for testing with priority on precision, durability, and aesthetics.


Diseño complejo: The tricky structure of the hair dryer including the leak-proof liquid container and the 4-piece main body has been the barrier for the success of mold design and manufacturing.

Requisitos de precisión: To make sure that walls are thick and that there is no leakage, and to maintain consistency in the assembly of the main body parts, the four-panel construction.

Calendario ajustado: Performing 8 sets of molds within 25 days was considered the production timeline, which was more than demanding and required planning and execution in an effective way.

Una rápida demostración del molde de una de las piezas del secador de pelo
Una rápida demostración del molde de una de las piezas del secador de pelo


Innovador diseño de moldes: FirstMold made extensive use of CAD and the team`s experience in mold design, to create accurate molds that fulfill all the engineering and performance requirements.

Selección de materiales y pruebas: Elegimos materiales de calidad superior que garantizaban a los moldes una durabilidad y un rendimiento duraderos, asegurándonos de que los moldes cumplían su cometido. Realizamos múltiples pruebas para asegurarnos de que los materiales eran los adecuados para el proyecto.

Gestión eficaz de los procesos: Our Project Management Team implemented a leaner process, and controlled the liaison with the design and production teams, in such a way that the set deadlines were met within the given timeline.

Piezas producidas por el servicio de moldeado rápido mediante moldeo por inyección de secadores de pelo Essence Care
Piezas producidas por el servicio de moldeado rápido mediante moldeo por inyección de secadores de pelo Essence Care


On schedule, FirstMold finished the prototyping of the molds for the Essence Care hair dryer and had all eight molds of the dryer done in 25 days. The small size series of production 100 units for the testing phase was achieved with high precision, holding to the client’s strict requirements for quality, function, and aesthetics. 

Requisitos estéticos:

No Dark Spots: The surface should have no black spots on it, which will guarantee a perfect aspect for a customer.
No Scratches or Scuffs: It should be perfect on the exterior without any scratches, scrapes, or abrasions which are a representation of a high-finish quality.
Weld Lines: Should be no more than 8mm in length and 0.1mm in width, and once appear without reckoning its assembly.
Burr-Free: Edges should be smooth, with no burrs up to 0.1mm high, and free from sharp edges, to ensure that they will not touch the assembly or the user.

Requisitos de rendimiento:

Precisión dimensional: Todos los componentes se ajustan a las especificaciones de diseño establecidas en los planos.
Material Compliance: The materiales de moldeo por inyección specified in the Bill of Materials (BOM) should be suitable, enduring, and functioning.
Assembly Precision: The screw hole gap should not misalign which makes it easy to assemble it.

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