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Metal or Plastic

Precision rapid prototype customization center

We focus on protecting the trade secrets of each customer, all the product images you see on this site have passed the confidentiality period.

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Firstmold is becoming the cradle of talent development for the rapid prototype industry

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Multi-material customization available

With high quality raw materials and strict control, we support different properties of resin consumables such as opaque, transparent, high temperature resistant, and high strength to meet the needs of customers in various industries for material properties in all aspects.


Rapid prototypes in Firstmold are polished through multiple processes and profiles are cut in one piece to meet your needs. Complex, difficult surfaces and functional structures can be quickly formed with high precision.

Resource allocation advantages

We have a variety of processing methods and strict product confidentiality with tight tolerance up to ± 0.02mm. The surface of the finished product is flat and smooth, the processing process pays attention to details, prototypes are strong and not easy to damage.

Our 4 advantages, only to polish the art-grade prototype

One Stop Prototype making experience

● We're a professional precision prototypes making technology enterprise
● Our Factory area reaches 30000 square meters, with more than 200 employees on staff

Product Safety Guarantee

● A variety of materials to choose from for the product
● Strictly in accordance with industry standards to ensure product versatility and stability
● Provide a full set of "design verification to on-demand manufacturing" solutions for various industries with innovative designs

Professional process technology

● We have all-round and exquisite production technology to create high-quality prototypes;
● We have the development ability to provide quality assurance products for our customers;
● Prototypes can be customized according to customer needs

Provide a caring after-sales service experience

● Firstmold has a mature technical development team to answer your question.
● We provide you with free technical support.
● Deep cooperation with major logistics to ensure rapid delivery of goods

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