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ODM Service

Bring Your Ideas to Life with Customized ODM Solutions

Why We Launched ODM Service

As you know, Firstmold is a digital manufacturing factory that focuses on mold making, injection molding, and rapid prototyping. For an ODM product, there are many steps from having an idea to implementing production. Most of the ODM services in the market nowadays are integrated with different third-party resources to accomplish this.

We know that most of the products are made of plastic, metal and circuitry, Firstmold can make most of the plastic and metal structures, and also has its own design team, surface finishes team, performance testing team, product assembly team, and packaging team. Fortunately, we have a third-party company that we have worked with for years that is proficient in circuitry. They have experts stationed in our company for a long time.

So, the whole ODM process can go smoothly for us. And compared with other peer companies, we greatly reduce the collaboration with the third-party company, so that the consistency of the product is guaranteed.

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ODM Product Innovation Design Process

We can provide professional, accurate, efficient, reliable and comprehensive testing, certification and supporting services for products from development to mass production, from incoming materials to output at all stages.



If you have an idea for product development, first we communicate with you to collect your original ideas for the product; after that, engineers and planners discuss the project, outline the key points and core contents, and communicate with the customer in depth about what the product wants to achieve.



Development engineers evaluate the feasibility of product development, draw sketches, patent surveys and other summaries and then reply to customers on feasibility and negotiate product specifications.



After the customer confirms the development, the planning is handed over to the project department, which is responsible for the design planning of the product ID, structure, packaging, etc., and handed over to the customer to confirm the design drawings.



Design drawings are confirmed to be correct, print sample proofs, mold making injection molding testing optimization of the mold – injection molding. If you have metal parts, we can finish them with our milling process or die-casting process.



The procurement department purchases raw materials according to the product design sheet, engineers test-assembled samples, and hand them over to the customer to test the functions together without errors before starting low-volume manufacturing.



At the end of the trial production, the customer signs and confirms and issues a mass production notice, purchases materials and transfers them to the production department for mass production.

Home appliances, consumer goods, etc.

New Product Development & ODM

Focusing on consumer electronics and household appliances, we continue to develop and export quality services with competitive capabilities to provide strong support for customers to develop the market.

Appearance/Structure Design

Manufacturing Capability

Our Full Process ODM Product Solutions


New Product

ODM full process service, a professional R & D design team


Finished product

20,000 square meters of production workshops and storage space


Product Assembly

Product manufacturing monthly output of up to 2,000,000 pieces