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High Quality Aluminum Extrusions from Firstmold

Standard extrusion shapes are usually inadequate for many custom projects. At Firstmold, our aluminum extrusion services standout for their high-quality, functionality, variation and superior cosmetic finishes. Our team of experts have what it takes to consistently deliver strong, functional parts with excellent strength-to-weight ratio to meet the needs of an array of industries and applications. In-house, our CNC machine services and advanced machineries allow us to make custom profile dies with the most intricate details, dimensional accuracy and geometries. We can make die tooling that span up to 250 by 60mm and complex profiles that extend up to 5 meters. To complement our client business needs, we offer low-volume extrusion services and a host of other post-extrusion finishing services like stamping, drilling, CNC machining and more that will impact the look, feel and usage of your parts.

Our Advantages and Benefits for your Aluminum Extrusion

· Shorter leadtimes to gain market edge

Got tight deadlines? Looking to beat the competition? Our in-house capacity and network of vetted manufacturing suppliers is all you need to get your part into production in no-time.

· DFM Analysis

We offer hands-on design-for-manufacturing analysis, helping our clients explore potential causes of failures, design inconsistencies and avenue for cost savings or performance optimization to ensure we only manufacture the best of parts.

· Leverage our one-stop shop services

At Firstmold, we marry our generous in-house capacity to deliver cross-production solutions to all our client needs. Our CNC machines bring the perfection and accuracy need to make extrusion tooling, while our milling, drilling and laser engraving services can help deliver desired finishes to your part quickly and tastefully.

· Exemplary quality in our casted parts

We understand the impact of putting your brand on a part. That’s why we opt for the stringiest quality control standards on every project. We constantly evaluate your parts for precision, repeatability and conformance.

· Improved outcomes by leveraging experience

Leverage the years of experience and competence within our team to make better parts with improved outcomes that exceed expectations.

· A variety of finishing options

Choose from a variety of finishing to augment the cosmetic appearance and functionality of your parts.

See What Our Customers Said

“When we first requested CNC machining, we tried to contact First Part.They responded within hours with prices, delivery times and suggestions for our requirements. I am really satisfied with their professional service and high quality control. I would recommend them to my friends Without hesitation.”

──Brown Abraham

“We have been cooperated with First Part in CNC machining for 6 years. From design to finished product delivery, First Part provides excellent CNC machining professional services and high quality products. Normally, within 12 hours or shorter which helps a lot. We feel they are one of the best CNC machine shop in China.”
── Colin Martinez
“First Part is our the most satisfactory CNC machine shop. They are high efficiency and high quality control. Since 2016, we have cooperated with them on many projects, they also provided professional CNC machining suggestions to help us complete the projects. That’s why they’re such a great CNC machine shop.”

── Jackon Brown

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Aluminum is available in a series of alloys that range from the 1000 series to the 7000 series. Generally, the 6063 and 6061 alloys are the most popular options for extrusions, while the 7000 series alloys are strongest of the alloys. Alloys in the 5000 series are suitable for use in marine applications while the 3000 alloys are most suitable for architectural applications. The 2000 series are widely used for the aerospace and aircraft industries while the 1000 series are the purest alloys, finding applications in electrical and chemical industries.

different kinds of materials

Finishing Capabilities

While Aluminum extrusions are largely concerned with making large volumes of non-cosmetic parts, we offer a number of post-processing solutions like heat treatment, alloying and surface finishing to help perfect the look, feel and performance of your extrusions. Explore our list of aluminum extrusion finishes below:

· Basic Finishes

· Bead Blasting

· Painting

· Anodizing

· Silk-screen printing

· Laser engraving

· Powder coating

· Learn more about our other finishing capabilities


Firstmold serves a broad range of clients across a range of industries. Our manufacturing solutions are widely employed in the medical, consumer products, automotive, aerospace, Robotics & Automation and defense industries. We have over 20 years of experience in prototype development, product development and mass production during which we have evolved along with the industry-best practices, equipment and capabilities. Our pool of seasoned engineers are adept at optimizing design and executing production with high precision. We provide a superior advantage garnered through our understanding of the different context and nuances for product development across every industry.

icon automotive industry
Aerospace and Defense
icon Aerospace
icon medical industry
Make custom precision parts with reduced weight and exquisite design from plastic and metal components.

Optimize efficiency, reduce weight and mitigate flight risks with our custom manufacturing materials for the aerospace industry.

Surgical-grade parts, wearables and bio-compatible components that meet FDA requirements to deliver life-saving solutions.

icon electronic
Consumer Products
icon consumer
Robotics & Automation
icon Robotics

Achieve tight tolerances and complex geometries in consumer electronic products to cater to the various style and class of your end-users.

Create exquisite design that is affordable and scalable to cater to the ever-changing consumer product trends.

Eliminate downtimes and boost efficiency with on-demand components that keep production running while integrating with existing lines and complimentary technology.

Additional Resources & FAQs

1. What is Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion is a part fabrication process that involves the shaping of aluminum material (billets) by using pressure to force it through a shaped opening in a die tool.

2. How does Aluminum Extrusion Work?

The process begins with cutting the aluminum billets into the appropriate size. Next, the billets are heated to temperatures between 300 and 600 Celsius in an oven. After this step, the metal becomes supple but not molten. Hydraulic pressure from a ram is used to force the billets into the die. As the billets enter the die, they take the shape of the die and emerge on the other end. The extrusions are then cooled before being cut into lengths that match the client’s requirement. Post-processing and finishing operations can now be carried out as required.

3.What materials can you use with Aluminum Extrusion?

There are many Aluminum alloys across the 1000 to 7000 series that can be used to make extrusions. You can see more about our Aluminum alloys and their applications here.

4.Why should I use Aluminum Extrusion?

Aluminum extrusions have a number of advantages including customization, strength-to-weight ratio, dimensional stability and precision, surface finish, corrosion-resistance and affordability.

5.What can I make with Aluminum Extrusions?

Aluminum extrusions are versatile and can be deployed in virtually every industry and application. Some of the things you can make with Aluminum extrusions include: Automotive chassis, radiators, drive shafts, Airplane wings, fuselages, panels, enclosures, brackets, heat sinks, lighting panels, guide rails, ladders, elevator shafts, window frames, workbenches, cabinets, processing surfaces, solar panel structures and more.