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Iterative Solutions for Aircrafts and Other Flight Vessels

Firstmold offers custom, on-demand rapid prototyping and production services that are capable of delivering the unique requirements of the aerospace industry. Our value proposition lies in our quick leadtimes, strict material evaluation and stringent quality control embedded into different phases of production that has helped us deliver exemplary products for all our clients in aerospace for over 10 years!

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Achieving Higher Performance and Even Safer Flights with Digital, On-demand Manufacturing Services

We understand the safety and performance requirements of the aerospace industry, which is why we take an inter-technology approach that often combines, 3D Printing, Polyurethane Vacuum Casting, Injection Molding and CNC Machining to make safe, agile, strong, lightweight and functional parts for an array of uses onboard Aircrafts and other flight vessels.  At Firstmold, our 4 and 5-axis CNC Machine services are adept at delivering components with complex geometries and tight tolerances for optimal performance. Our 3D printing and vacuum casting solutions can be employed for rapid prototyping, design validation and visual prototypes. Firstmold injection molding solutions cater to any large size production runs, while our material selection and finishing team supplies only the finest of options for making aerospace parts with high strength-to-weight ratio. Ready to come onboard? Click here to see how we can help you make innovative parts that will boost cost and fuel efficiency, mitigate flight risks and stun your customers in a delightful range of cosmetic and functional finishes.

Next gen trends in Aerospace already suggest interplanetary shuttle, outer space mineral mining and alternate planet habitation viability are quickly gaining grounds. At Firstmold, we have a firm grasp of what it takes for our clients to compete in a changing space like Aerospace. We understand the significant financial, human and technological risks, which is why we have equipped our business with the right digital manufacturing technologies that will help our clients seize opportunities, mitigate risk and stay relevant in Aircraft, Drone technology, Aviation and Space Shuttle operations.

Helping You Get Ahead in Next Gen Aerospace Trends

Why You Should Work with Us

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Because we understand the enormous financial and safety risks embedded into aerospace technologies, we implement a rigorous and stringent quality control system in our aerospace manufacturing.

Safety and Quality

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Got tight deadlines? Looking to beat the competition? Our in-house capacity and network of vetted manufacturing suppliers is all you need to get your part into production in no-time.

Shorter leadtimes to gain market edge

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We offer hands-on design-for-manufacturing analysis, helping our clients explore potential causes of failures, design inconsistencies, avenues for cost efficiency, improved safety and performance optimization to ensure we only manufacture the best of parts.

DFM Analysis

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Leverage the years of experience and competence within our team to make better parts with improved outcomes that exceed expectations.

Improved outcomes by leveraging experience

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Choose from a variety of highly cosmetic and functional finishes to augment the look, feel and performance of your high-end parts.

A variety of finishing options


Top Aerospace & applications

· Customized high-precision parts with tight tolerances with CNC Machining

· Custom Tooling

· Small batch and low-volume production units

· 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping

· Jigs, Fixtures, Chassis and Bracket components

· Custom Fixturing

· Composite parts with complex geometries and intricate designs

· Quick spare Parts and OEM part replacements

What we can make for You

Drones/UAV components


Engine components



Interior Fittings

Chassis and Enclosures

Aircraft bodies, Plane wings and Fan Blades


Wiring Harness and Electrical Parts

Lighting Systems

Radio and Radar systems

Air-conditioning and Air pressure components

Material Solutions for Aerospace Applications

· Titanium

· Aluminum

· Nickel

· Brass

· Cobalt-chrome

· Inconel

· Steel

· Engineering Thermoplastics

· Elastomers

Aerospace Finishing and Post-processing Operations

· Anodizing

· Passivation

· Electroplating

· Powder Coating

· Insert Installation

· Heat Treatment

· Powder coating

· Surface Texturing

· Media Blasting

Our Aerospace Manufacturing Services

Injection Molding Services

Get your hands on custom plastic injection molded production parts that are durable and fit for use in a wide variety of aerospace applications. Injection molding opens up aerospace manufacturing a wide range of engineering thermoplastics that can replace metals with high strength and low weight for efficiency. Our material range of plastic can also be processed to a variety of finishes. Click here for your Injection molding quote.

Trusted by You and a Robust Client Base

· Aircraft manufacturers

· OEM replacement part manufacturers

· Assembly plants

· Regulatory agencies

· Avionic companies

· Robotic component manufacturers