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OEM Service

OEM services for electronics, daily necessities, small household appliances, creative products, etc., with 100% customer satisfaction

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Why We Launched OEM Service

Firstmold is a digital manufacturing factory that focuses on mold making, injection molding, and rapid prototyping. For an OEM product, there are many steps from having an idea to implementing production.

We know that most of the products are made of plastic, metal and circuitry, Firstmold can make most of the plastic and metal structures, and also has our own design team, surface finishes team, performance testing team, product assembly team, and packaging team. Fortunately, we have a third-party company that we have worked with for years that is proficient in circuitry. They have experts stationed in our company for a long time.

So, the whole OEM process can go smoothly for us. And compared with other peer companies, we greatly reduce the collaboration with many third-party companies, so that the consistency of the product is guaranteed.

Our Full Process ODM Product Solutions

New Product Development

OEM full process service, a professional R & D design team

Finished Product Manufacturing

20,000 square meters of production workshops and storage space

Product Assembly

Product manufacturing monthly output of up to 2,000,000 pieces

Appearance/Structure Design

Manufacturing Capability

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OEM Product Innovation Design Process

We can provide professional, accurate, efficient, reliable and comprehensive testing, certification and supporting services for products from development to mass production, from incoming materials to output at all stages.


Initial Consultation and Quotation

Establish a connection with clients in order to seek out their project specifications, relying on FirstMold’s breadth in activities of molding, machining, and prototyping. Give a comprehensive quotation that depict the whole manufacturing, from the designers cooperation till assembly.


Design and Engineering Collaboration

Cooperate with the client to approve the product design with the accuracy confined to the manufacturing processes at FM, which involve material selection and the integration of electronic components.


Prototype Development and Validation

 Utilize 3D printing and other rapid prototyping mechanisms to design prototypes. . . . . Verify the mechanical and electronic design, ensure good integration of electronic components delivered from reliable partners.


Production Planning and Contract Finalization

Develop an output plan that embraces all the production processes, such manufacturing, the surface treatment, and the assembly. Ascertain contracts precipitating on objectives, time-frames, quality expectations and expenses.


Manufacturing, Surface Treatment, and Assembly

 Commence the production process after approving the most suitable methods (plastic molding, CNC machining, die casting). Surface treatments could be necessary in some cases and then board should be assembled with the work on circuits and other elements afterward.


Quality Assurance, Delivery, and Customer Acceptance

Implement stringent quality assurance checks throughout the manufacturing and assembly process. Coordinate delivery of the final products, ensuring they meet all client specifications. Obtain customer feedback and acceptance, emphasizing satisfaction and open channels for any post-delivery support.