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Consumer Parts

Custom Manufacturing Solutions For Functional Consumer Products

Functionality and finishing are two aspects of consumer product prototyping and production that demands experience and relentless quality. At Firstmold, we have expertise in an array of custom manufacturing solutions that enables us combine a broad palette of plastic, rubber and metal materials to make functional end-use parts with impeccable designs and high quality. Because consumer products must appeal to the right audience, we put extra emphasis on the types and quality of finishes available to augment the look, feel and performance of your parts. Our CNC machining solutions, 3D printing, Pressure die casting, Plastic injection molding and Polyurethane vacuum casting present the right mix of technology to help cater to the prototyping, product, design, engineering validation and mass production needs of the industry.

consumer cellphone shell
medical part with thin wall thickness
consumer metal part

Metal Parts

Metal parts in consumer products are very common and we usually finish them by die-casting, hardware injection and CNC processes.

consumer plastic parts

Plastic Parts

Plastic shells for consumer products, such as cell phones and home appliances are the most common applications, and the injection molding process is our best choice.

consumer finished products

Finished Product

We not only produce metal and plastic parts, we also have production lines to assemble them into finished products.

Build, Test and Manufacture Products Faster with On-Demand Solutions from Firstmold

In the consumer product industry where thousands of new parts enter into emerging or matured markets every day, speed can inarguably be a game-changer. With our on-demand production services like Industrial 3D printing, CNC machining and Plastic Injection Molding for Rapid prototyping, Design Validation, Low and High-volume production, Firstmold can help you take pole position and reach targeted markets faster than competition with our quicker leadtimes.

Why You Should Work with Us

High Dimensional Accuracy and Tolerances

At Firstmold, we can machine consumer products excellent dimensional accuracy, and tolerances as tight as +0.0005”, delivering up to 10 times the precision and tolerances that other service providers avail you.

Shorter leadtimes to gain market edge

Got tight deadlines? Looking to beat the competition? Our in-house capacity and team of experts can help you reduce cycle times by up to 50 percent.


We offer hands-on design-for-manufacturing analysis, helping our clients explore potential causes of failures, design inconsistencies, avenues for cost efficiency, improved safety and performance optimization in consumer products design for better yield and results.

Excellent and Transparent Quality Control

Our quality control process is rigorous and consistent from material to process. We have relevant certifications like ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001, and we provide our clients with certificates of conformity, material certifications and advanced inspection reports.

Finishing and Mass Customization

At Firstmold, we understand how finish and aesthetics are crucial for consumer products. This is why we offer a variety of highly cosmetic and functional finishes to augment the look, feel and performance of your custom consumer products. We also use 3D printing to deliver customized parts tailored to custom orders and special edition parts.


Injection molding allows for cost-efficient production of functional end-use plastic parts in unlimited volumes. Injection-molded parts have high repeatability, dimensional accuracy and consistency, and can be finished in an extensive number of ways to give your consumer products a clean, refreshing look.

Parts or finished products?

What Consumer Parts Or Products We Can Make For You

Most of the consumer goods you see everywhere in life are made up of metal and plastic, and these are what Firstmold has been working on. They are found in various industries and fields, and we have accumulated a wealth of experience in ten years of continuous processing practice, and can provide you with processing solutions to your satisfaction.

consumer alloy materials

Material Options For Consumer Goods Applications

Available Finishes for Consumer Products Parts and Components


Sanding & Polishing

Bead Blasting




Insert Installation

Powder Coating

Clear Coating


Spray painting


consumer surface finishes01
consumer surface finishes02