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Precision Mold Making Service

Precision in every step: Precision molds exist due to the extremely high demands.

Precision Mold Made by FirstMold
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Precision mold parts processing

What's FirstMold's Precision Mold Making Service?

Precision mold is not a novel term. If you consult any mold manufacturer, they will tell you that they specialize in precision mold manufacturing. However, in reality, most molds on the market are not truly precision molds. Limited by factors such as equipment, personnel, and management, most so-called precision molds are merely products executed according to the industry’s standard norms.

At FirstMold, we have launched the highest quality precision mold manufacturing services possible, leveraging over twenty years of top-tier mold design experience, the world’s most advanced processing equipment, the industry’s leading factory management system, and a stable and time-tested supply chain system. All these elements lay the foundation for our precision mold services.

From mold flow analysis and mold design to the manufacturing, assembly, and surface treatment of every mold component, we invest a great deal of effort to ensure the precision of the molds and the accuracy of the subsequent injection-molded products. And all of this is accomplished within the set timeframe.

Parts & Products Made By Precison Mold

Hearing aid shells produced using precision molds
Fog lamp reflector produced by precision mold injection molding
Precision molded automotive wire harness bracket
Precision mold automotive injection molding lamps

Experience Precision, Mold by Mold

Capabilities to make a precision mold

If your product requires extremely high precision, we recommend you experience our precision injection molding services. Because the cost and effort invested in precision molds in various dimensions are far greater than our standard mold manufacturing services, their price will also be much higher. FirstMold’s precision mold manufacturing capabilities are primarily reflected in the following aspects:

Mold Design


Material Selection


Machining Equipment


Mold Manufacturing Control


Skill and Experience


Temperature Control


Pressure and Speed Control


Ejection System Design




Quality Assurance


Tool Maintenance and Care


Collaboration Between Departments


One fact we should clarify for you is that just because the name of our standard molds is not prefixed with “precision” does not mean the quality of our standard molds is inadequate. On the contrary, our standard molds not only exceed the industry standards for molds and injection molded products but also provide customers with a cost-competitive one-stop solution. 

Although precision molds are more expensive, we are also committed to researching cost savings for both precision and standard molds, not only for our customers but also for our own future.

Reviews From Our Precision Mold Clients

Chief Technology Officer Emily Rivera From a drone company

"Our collaboration with FirstMold on developing intricate components for our aerial survey drones was a game-changer. The precision molds they produced exceeded our expectations, enhancing both the performance and durability of our drones. Their expertise in navigating complex designs and their commitment to quality were evident in every part delivered."

Emily Rivera

Chief Technology Officer

Operations Manager Thomas Nguyen From a medical device manufacturer

"The precision molds provided by FirstMold significantly elevated the quality of our surgical tools. Their attention to detail and understanding of medical-grade materials ensured that our products met stringent sterilization standards. It's rare to find a partner so committed to excellence and reliability."

Carlos Martinez

Quality Assurance Director