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Elevate Your Personal Care Line with FirstMold's Precision Manufacturing Solutions.

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Redefining Personal Care Parts Manufacturing Excellence

Experiences in Personal Care:

We pride ourselves in being a one-stop solution provider to the personal care industry. Our fully equipped facilities enable us to manufacture products such as cosmetics, skincare, dental care and hygiene items that cater to the customer base within this industry. 

To meet precision, durability and quality demands, advanced injection molding and CNC machining technology is used. These include the design and production of every integral component. Our unparalleled quality and innovation are what make us the premier provider of brands that intend to create the ultimate personal care products which are capable of outdoing all existing ones on the market.

What We Can Make For You​

Personal Care Components Gallery

· Cosmetic Packaging

lipstick tubes, compact powder cases, and mascara containers. 

· Skincare Device Enclosures

housings for facial cleansing brushes or microcurrent facial toners. 

· Dental Care Accessories

Toothbrush handles and floss picks

· Personal Hygiene Products

soap dispensers and shampoo bottles

· Beauty Tools and Accessories

Tools such as eyelash curlers, hairbrushes, and combs

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Cosmetic Housings

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Injection Molding Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic packaging

Process: Injection Molding
Mold Type:
Production Tooling
Cosmetic Bottle Caps

Cosmetic bottle caps

Process: Injection Molding
Mold Type:
Production Tooling

Personal Grooming Appliances

Personal Grooming Appliances Drawing
personal grooming appliances interior parts

Personal grooming appliances interior parts

Process: Injection Molding
PC, PA66+30%GF, PPS
Mold Type:
Production Tooling
Hair dryer handle housing

Hair dryer handle housing

Process: Injection Molding
Mold Type:
Production Tooling
personal care parts made by FirstMold's solution

Our Personal Care Parts Manufacturing Solutions

The demand for personal care products and components is substantial in the market. Based on our past manufacturing experience, we have summarized the following three solutions to recommend to you, which will surely bring significant convenience to your business.

aerospace components rapid prototyping solution

Personal Care Tooling & Injection Molding

Suitable for companies in personal care parts manufacturing include those specializing in cosmetics, skincare, haircare products, and hygiene products looking for efficient, precise, and scalable production of their plastic packaging and accessories.

aerospace components injection molding solution

Personal Care Low-Volume Production

Fit for startups, boutique brands, and companies launching limited edition or customized personal care products to achieve flexibility, reduce costs, and meet niche market demands.

aerospace components contract manufacturing solution

Personal Care OEM

Ideal for personal care companies seeking to outsource the production of unique, branded components for their product lines, enabling them to maintain quality and innovation while focusing on their core business activities.

Trusted by various famous Personal Care brands over the world

Materials For the Personal Care Components

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Compact cases, lipstick tubes packaging, handles and bodies for hairdryers, straighteners


premium cosmetic containers, serums, creams, and lotions packaging, bath and body sets


Components of electric shavers, trimmers, and epilators, makeup applicators


Pump heads and dispenser parts, shaving razor handles: