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Precision Mold Making And Mass Production For Medical Hearing Aids

Manufacturing Process Mold Making Service
Parts Material PC+ABS(Modified Plastic)
Mold Type Precision Mold, Production Tooling
Application Industry Medical Device
Surface Treatment Electroplating
Tolerance(Accuracy) 0.002mm


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Can FirstMold produce custom molds for unique hearing aid designs?

Yes, FirstMold specializes in creating custom molds tailored to the specific requirements of your hearing aid design. Our precision mold-making service ensures high accuracy and detail, essential for medical devices.

What is the typical lead time for developing a mold for medical hearing aids?

The lead time can vary depending on the complexity of the mold and the project’s specific requirements. Generally, it ranges from 4 to 8 weeks, from design approval to mold completion and testing.

What certifications does FirstMold hold relevant to medical device manufacturing?

FirstMold operates in compliance with industry standards, including ISO 13485 for medical devices, ensuring our manufacturing processes meet the stringent requirements for medical device production.

How can I start a project with FirstMold for my hearing aid components?

To begin, please contact us with details of your project. Our team will review your requirements, discuss potential solutions, and guide you through our process, from design and prototyping to mold making and injection molding.

Can FirstMold handle the production of both external and internal components of hearing aids?

Yes, we are equipped to manufacture both the external shells and internal structural components of hearing aids, ensuring all parts meet the high standards necessary for medical devices.

Q: Is FirstMold experienced in working with medical device startups?

A: Absolutely. We support medical device startups by providing flexible, scalable production solutions, along with guidance on injection molding material selection, design optimization, and compliance with medical standards.

Q: Does FirstMold provide assembly services for hearing aid components after molding?

A: Yes, we offer post-molding assembly services to provide clients with complete, ready-to-use components, including the integration of electronic parts if required.

Q: Can FirstMold assist with regulatory compliance and testing for medical hearing aids?

A: While FirstMold focuses on the manufacturing aspect, we work closely with partners and can guide you toward experts in regulatory compliance and testing to ensure your product meets all necessary medical device regulations.

Precision injection molded medical hearing aid parts
Precision injection molded medical hearing aid parts
Mass production of precision injection molded medical hearing aid parts
Mass production of precision injection molded medical hearing aid parts

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