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DC Circuit Fuse Holder Base By Insert Molding Process

Manufacturing Process Mold Making Service & Insert Molding Service
Parts Material PBT, Stainless Steel
Mold Type Production Tooling
Application Industry Electrical
Surface Treatment Standard Glossy
Tolerance(Accuracy) 0.03mm


We have pre-market confidentiality agreements with all of our customers. All the cases you see have been communicated with our clients. We have mosaiced some sensitive information. All the pictures are taken from FirstMold’s internal shooting, thanks for your support and cooperation~

Q: How can clients start a project with FirstMold for DC circuit fuse holder/base production?

A: To initiate a project, clients can contact us with their design specifications and project requirements. Our team will then provide a detailed consultation, outlining the steps from design to mass production.

Q: What is the process for making modifications to the design or material of a fuse holder/base after production has started?

A: While we strive to finalize designs before production, we understand the need for flexibility. Modifications can be accommodated based on the stage of production, with our team providing guidance on the impact to timelines and costs.

Q: Can FirstMold produce fuse holders/bases for both standard and custom fuse sizes?

A: Absolutely. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce fuse holders/bases for any standard or custom fuse size, tailored to meet specific application requirements.

Q: How does FirstMold address the electrical conductivity requirements in fuse holders/bases?

A: For parts requiring conductivity, we incorporate conductive materials or metal inserts through insert injection molding, ensuring optimal electrical performance.

This product has been on the market for 3 years, but the related images of the injection mold and injection molding flow are confidential.

Sorry, the requirement of this product is confidential.

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