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Automotive Sunroof Rail Cover Injection Molded PP materials

Manufacturing Process Mold Making Service & Plastic Injection Molding Service
Parts Material PP
Mold Type Rapid Tooling
Application Industry Automotive
Surface Treatment Mold Texturing, Standard Smooth
Tolerance(Accuracy) 0.02mm


We have pre-market confidentiality agreements with all of our customers. All the cases you see have been communicated with our clients. We have mosaiced some sensitive information. All the pictures are taken from FirstMold’s internal shooting, thanks for your support and cooperation~

What materials are used for automotive sunroof rail covers, and why?

We typically use high-impact, UV-resistant polymers such as ABS or polycarbonate for sunroof rail covers. These materials are chosen for their durability, resistance to weathering, and excellent finish quality, which are essential for exterior automotive components exposed to various environmental conditions.

What finishing options are available for sunroof rail covers?

We offer various finishing options, including textured surfaces, high-gloss finishes, and custom color matching. Additionally, we can apply protective coatings to enhance resistance to scratches and UV degradation, ensuring that the covers maintain their aesthetic appeal over time.

Can FirstMold provide rapid prototyping for sunroof rail covers?

Yes, rapid prototyping is an integral part of our design and development process. We offer 3D printing service and CNC machining service for creating quick, cost-effective prototypes that allow for physical evaluation and testing before finalizing the design for production.

Can FirstMold integrate RFID tags during the manufacturing of sunroof rail covers for inventory and quality control purposes?

Yes, we can integrate RFID tags during the injection molding process, which can be used for tracking inventory, streamlining logistics, and enhancing quality control measures throughout the manufacturing and shipping phases. This integration helps in maintaining high traceability and efficiency in the supply chain.

How does FirstMold handle thermal expansion issues in sunroof rail covers, especially in extreme climates?

We select materials with appropriate thermal expansion coefficients and design the covers to accommodate temperature-induced expansion and contraction. This consideration is crucial to avoid warping, cracking, or detachment, ensuring the durability and functional integrity of the sunroof rail covers in all climates.

How is the mold life expectancy managed for such complex molds used in sunroof rail cover production?

Mold life expectancy is managed through the use of high-quality steel, regular maintenance, and careful handling of the molds. Design considerations also play a role, such as incorporating features that reduce wear and tear. Additionally, we conduct periodic reviews and refurbishments to extend mold life as much as possible.

What technologies or techniques are used to ensure the precision of features such as undercuts and bosses on the sunroof rail covers?

We use high-precision CNC machined molds and incorporate techniques like high-pressure injection molding to accurately replicate detailed features such as undercuts and bosses. CAD/CAM software and 3D simulations are also utilized to refine the mold design and ensure precision.

What is your approach to quality control for complex components like sunroof rail covers?

Our approach to quality control involves multiple stages of inspection throughout the production process, from raw material verification to in-process checks and final inspection, utilizing both manual and automated

Although the structure of this automotive sunroof guide rail is simple, the abundance of undercuts and bosses, combined with extremely high customer demands, posed some challenges during the mold design and injection molding process. Fortunately, our wealth of experienced injection molding engineers allowed us to solve all problems smoothly.

The part in this case has been on the market for four years, but its mold design drawings, mold pictures, and injection molding pictures are confidential.

Sorry, customer requirements regarding the Automotive Sunroof Rail Cover are still confidential.

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If you would like to learn about acceptance criteria or quality standards for injection molding, we recommend you refer to ‘Acceptance Standards For Injection Molded Parts

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