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Automotive Steel Pipe Connectors By 5 Axis CNC Machining

Manufacturing Process CNC Machining Service
Parts Material Steel
Solution Rapid Prototyping
Application Industry Automotive
Surface Treatment Smooth finish
Tolerance(Accuracy) 0.01mm


We have pre-market confidentiality agreements with all of our customers. All the cases you see have been communicated with our clients. We have mosaiced some sensitive information. All the pictures are taken from FirstMold’s internal shooting, thanks for your support and cooperation~

How do you start a project with FirstMold for pipe connector production?

You can start by submitting a project inquiry through our production quote or contacting us directly with their requirements and design files. Our team will then review the project details and schedule a consultation to discuss the project scope, timelines, and provide a quote.

Can you accommodate custom designs for pipe connectors?

Absolutely. We specialize in custom designs, from simple shapes to complex geometries with intricate internal features. Clients are encouraged to provide CAD files or detailed specifications for their custom designs.

Do you offer quality assurance testing for the connectors?

Yes, we conduct 100% dimensional inspections and random leak testing to ensure the connectors meet all specifications and performance criteria. Material certifications and compliance documents are provided upon request.

How is cost determined for CNC machining projects like automotive pipe connectors?

Cost is determined based on material selection, complexity of the design, machining time, finishing processes required, and the total quantity. We provide detailed quotes to ensure transparency and help clients make informed decisions.

What certifications does your company hold for manufacturing automotive components?

We are certified to industry standards relevant to automotive component manufacturing, including ISO 9001 for quality management systems and, where applicable, IATF 16949 for automotive quality standards.

CNC machining programming for the connector
Finishing process in the CNC machining for the connector

Design Specifications:

Dimensions: Product dimensions according to the BOM table size requirements implementation
Tolerance: ±0.005 inches (±0.127 mm) for critical dimensions to ensure airtight connections.
Surface Finish: Ra 32 finish or better, with additional requirements for specific applications.

Quality and Testing:

Inspection: 100% dimensional inspection and random leak testing to ensure no connectivity or integrity issues.
Certifications: Material certifications and compliance with automotive industry standards required.

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