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Automotive front door armrest two-color injection molding process

Manufacturing Process Mold Making Service & Injection Molding Service
Parts Material PP+10%GF, TPO
Mold Type Production Tooling, Two-shot Mold
Application Industry Automotive
Surface Treatment Two-shot Mold: Texturing

Product: Standard Smooth

Tolerance(Accuracy) 0.01mm


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Can FirstMold handle large production volumes for automotive armrests?

Yes, our facilities are equipped for high-volume production runs, ensuring we can meet the demand for large quantities while maintaining consistent quality across all parts.

What surface finishes can be applied to the armrests?

A variety of surface finishes can be applied, including soft-touch, textured patterns, and matte or glossy finishes, to enhance the armrest’s feel and appearance.

What certifications does FirstMold have that are relevant to automotive component manufacturing?

We are certified in quality management systems relevant to the automotive industry, such as ISO 9001 and IATF 16949, ensuring our processes and products meet stringent automotive standards.

How can clients start a project with FirstMold for automotive armrests?

To start a project, clients can contact us with their project details. Our team will review the requirements and set up an initial consultation to discuss the project scope, timelines, and next steps.

Can FirstMold assist in the prototyping of automotive armrests before full-scale production?

Yes, we offer prototyping services to validate design, functionality, and material choices before proceeding to mass production, ensuring the final product meets all specifications.

Can FirstMold provide material recommendations for automotive armrests to meet specific requirements?

Yes, our team of experts can offer material recommendations based on the armrest’s functional requirements, desired aesthetic qualities, and durability needs, ensuring the best fit for the application.

Are there any design constraints when creating molds for automotive armrests?

While our advanced molding techniques allow for great flexibility in design, certain geometric features or material choices may pose challenges. Our design team collaborates with clients to identify and address potential issues early in the design phase.

Can FirstMold assist with the integration of electronic components into the armrests?

Yes, our engineering team has experience in integrating electronic components, such as controls for windows or seat adjustments, into the armrests, ensuring seamless functionality and design.

Automotive door armrest two-color mold trial stage
Automotive door armrest two-color mold trial stage
FirstMold's two-color mold manufacturing technology matured and automotive armrest parts were produced three years ago.
FirstMold’s two-color mold manufacturing technology matured and automotive armrest parts were produced three years ago.

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